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November 26, 2011

My sister actually likes the massed cold crowds in parking lots approach to starting the holidays.  I’ve never understood that.  This is the time of year I don’t even drive by malls, thereby avoiding traffic and retail related craziness.  I did take advantage of Black Friday deals from 3 online retailers, one of them being Blackheart Records. Yes, I finally acquired Joan Jett related gear (1 hoodie, 1 CD — usually I do digital downloads but Gayle wants to listen to it in the car.  Turns out (a little sadly) that the car has the best stereo we own.)  I need to upgrade my office acoustic set up.

Movies:  oh, best thing I’ve seen recently was Masterpiece (yes, the PBS people) Page Eight, with Bill Nighy and Rachel Weisz.  Very excellent, full of precise conversations and Nighy’s expressive and subtle face.  I’m still appalled that they CGIed over it in the second  Pirates movie.  Bill Nighy is also one of the voices in Aardman’s new movie, Arthur Christmas, which looks more fun the more I see of it.  And great voice cast.  I’d really love to see a voice actor Oscar category.

Been reading.  Still getting through Retromania a chapter at a time; still enjoying it.  Picked up The Best of Archie Comics, 70 years of  good + good natured storytelling.  It’s actually pretty impressive.

Caught up with Hart of Dixie again.  Some very funny moments.  And Rachel Bilson is charming.  Liked her on How I Met Your Mother, liked her on Chuck, good choice to build a show around.

Kung Fu Panda:  Legends Of Awesomeness is Nick’s new half hour animated series.  Animation continues to mix styles and the replacement voices do a good job.  Solid effort.  I’ll watch ’em when I come across ’em.

Started catching Supah Ninjas again.  Nice mix of comedy + action, plus bonus George Takei.  Good Luck Charlie’s having a Christmas road movie.  Looks fun. Wizards of Waverly Place is heading for the wrap.  They should cheat + find a way for all three Russos to keep their powers.  China Anne McClain keeps knocking songs out of the park and A.N.T. Farm is doing a good job with variety comedy styles — you’ve got the dumb blonde, the snide blonde, the smart dumb blonde, the snappy patter, the clever reference, the Keystone Kop, the slapstick, whatever it is, they’ve probably tried it.  Jessie’s actually having nice ensemble movements and Debby Ryan is freed by not having to play off of or up to Cole Sprouse.

Want to catch the Muppet movie this weekend.  And maybe pull a few favorites off the shelf.  What about you?

Have been missing stop motion animation so Calvin and I cut out robots + had some fun in the backyard this afternoon.  Enjoy.

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