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1:42 AM

December 7, 2011

And probably lacking links.

The Avatar:  The Last Airbender sequel Legend of Korra leaked opening sequence was out there this week.  Looked good.

New Muppet movie didn’t thrill me.  Walter was a bit of a drag. Did I miss the part early in the story where he whistled or listened to opera/classical music to establish a talent?  Or the part where he was anything but an entry point for the audience.  The audience doesn’t need an entry point.  They’re the Muppets.  They’re damn good entertainers.  Let ’em do it.  And win.

No quarrel with Jason Segel the actor, a few with Segel the writer.  Performances were excellent.  Loved Dave Grohl’s cameo, Amy Adams shines as always, Jack Black was funny, Miss Piggy’s a star (but no Pigs In Space, Pigs in Space is ROCKET SCIENCE, BABY!!!) Camille and the Chickens rocked Forget You, ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!, score:  B-.

Want to see Arthur Christmas, looks like fun, sounds like great voice talent.

Goodjoe, the t-shirt site, is doing weekly themed contests now + coming out with some good stuff.

Are you in a holiday mood?  I’ve been shopping for the nieces + nephews (tiring), falling in love with Allison Krauss (may have to look into her Robert Plant collab) as she shimmies down the chimney, and appreciating Dolly Parton’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” which gets sentimental without miring itself in maudlin lament.  A version you can actually listen to…thank you Dolly Parton.

Have had Joan Jett’s “You Want In, I Want Out” in my head for two weeks.  Don’t even remember where I ran across it.  On a search for the album (Up Your Alley) now.  Not, of course, just because it may be my favorite album cover of hers, but because I want to blast it in the car where the household stereo resides.

Comics:  Demon Knights still favorite of the DC 52, Legion Secret Origin a good book, Flash excellent art, dropping Blackhawks, picked up Marvel’s Legion of Monsters, also an Archie comics Betty Veronica and Friends double digest, which is a whole lot of comic fun for $4.

Have been busy.  Writing for the paper again, just finished a story on a production of The Nutcracker, where I avoided talking to the Claras (Clara seems to dominate whenever I read anything Nutcracker).  Talked to the Snow Queen, wrote about the learning process, I think it turned out well.

Have been contemplating writing + why I don’t do it more.  I think it’s too personal.  Other art doesn’t seem quite so out there.  I associate writing with a state of heightened emotion. I need to remember that I don’t always have to burn rocket fuel on all emotional burners and that some of the best things I’ve written were not the result of anger, desire, frustration or any of their fellows.  They were driven by a desire to communicate, express + explore.  With a strong drive to experiment.  It’s a great feeling when you know the words have clicked and what you want to say is right there.  And if I had substituted I’s for you’s, I might be further along in the process.

Warehouse 13 Christmas special good, entertaining, but please can we have a little less let Pete walk us through the story and feel things deeply next season.  Let’s get some more of the characters in the mix.  Leena, Leena is too much on the periphery.  Let’s bring her Warehouse orbit to periapsis.

Ok, have a great lead up to the holidays.  Take care, stay warm, spend some down time doing something that doesn’t involve shopping and causes you (and possibly others) to grin…


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