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December 17, 2011

Alas, you missed last night’s blog post.  I miss it even more than you as wordpress managed somehow to make the darn thing disappear.  So I’ll give it another go.  This time, the usual two sentences a topic.  Let’s see how I do.

I don’t even remember Chuck is on on Fridays anymore.  Although we did have a watch a fun Thanksgiving episode craving on Thanksgiving but we’d loaned the DVDs to a friend.

Hart of Dixie had a double header this week: fun.  Cast is excellent, I’ve always liked Tim Matheson, it’s good to see him play someone with an edge.

Good Luck Charlie Christmas road movie was loud; want to watch it again and have a second opinion. Had some serious moments and a runaway story that might save a scared individual someday.

Arthur Christmas was full of Christmas fun and wonder, Aardman scores again.  Solid story, excellent animation as always and great voice talent, especially Bill Nighy, who keeps popping up on my radar.

Eureka Christmas Special — oh yeah.  They managed a great episode, included Taggart, left out Zane, gave  a shout out to every animation style and animated Christmas special you can think of and had a bonus (and funny) Jim Parsons voice cameo.

Have been picking up Archie Comic Double Digests on visits to the comic book store.  Lots o’ fun + comics for $3.99; Jughead’s edition my favorite so far.

There was a Joan Jett haiku but I’ll deal with that at a later date.

Did you see Joan Jett and The Foo Fighters on Letterman?  Pretty intense, they all looked like they were having a great time and crushing “Bad Reputation” on their guitars was all they ever wanted to do in the world.

And the two sentence limit takes a pause:

Being in that zone is an amazing thing.  Trying to get there with a new project — iApocalypso — and adding a new collaborator to the mix.  So far, it’s a project of mystery kind of thing, although I am working on a logo* and there is a Tumblr account. Between the Mayan apocalypse and the upcoming political one, I figure there’s going to be no way to avoid to the wave of mention/interest, so why not try to use it as fuel.  So if you have a favorite apocalypse scenario or related reading material, drop a mention in the comments or @ me.  Twitter is where all the conversations happen.

My favorite people on Twitter are the ones who play along with Blink Kitty Love, the crazy crushing cartoon band that is as much a work in progress as I am.  Experimented with having a guest stop by for an interview on the band blog, @TravisErwin, fun and funny author of The Feedstore Chronicles.  Sent him half a dozen (half of them goofy) questions (the band is the snacks, music and goofing off parts of my personality), happy with how it turned out.  Might look for a few more people to ask questions.  Could be you.  Here’s a sample:

Top a burger or build a sandwich for us so we can decide if we want to stop by for a snack.

I am a near complete carnivore so for me burgers and sandwiches are all about the meat, and  nothing green, will ever taint my meat. Bacon, cheese, layers of other meats. That is the ONLY kind of toppers for me. I also do a lot of blends for the backyard bashes I throw. Grinding, say ham and beef together to create my own hamburger patties.

Feedstore Chronicles:  how funny is it (aka is it safe to drink snortable fluids while reading)? And who should we buy it for?

I hope it’s damned funny. I hope it is Exorcist-like in that fluids shoot with great force from those crazy enough to drink while reading.I know it still makes me laugh and I’ve read, edited and re read the stories dozens if not hundreds of times. The reviews have been great. Well, all except for the guy who was kind of ticked he’d given the book to his nearly 80 year old mother. Apparently it was a bit risque for her taste. So I’ll say it’s for anyone with a sense of humor and a tolerance for lewd comedies.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Another group of @blinkkittylove buddies are Kristyn Burtt, Sandra Payne and Jennifer Bobiwash, all of whom once worked on the excellent The Web Files, which I’ve mentioned before and which just got nominated for IAWTV (International Academy of Web Television) awards in three categories.  Check out Burtt’s blog for details. Congratulations.  Glad to see all of their hard work get recognized.

Enjoy your holiday season.  Hope whatever it is you want, you find yourself in that neighborhood.  With parking available ; )

*Logo in progress, this is the second take:

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