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January 7, 2012

Have been zinging through a stack of books from the library so here’s three worth reading.

Why Matters Manner:  The Case for Civilized Behavior in a Barbarous World by Lucinda Holdforth. Fast, witty, well researched, well thought out and a convincing argument for civility, especially in these seasons of politics + protests.

Snuff by Terry Pratchett.  The master comedian’s latest effort seems to be lacking some of the texture and depth of the others, but that might make it a more accessible read for some.  Many Goodreads reviews complain that once again Pratchett is hitting the every species (dwarf, troll, goblin, human, Nobbses, etc.) is equal if weird in unique ways message, but I think maybe Pratchett has figured out that it’s the only message that really matters.

Kissing Outside the Lines by Diane Farr.  Because sometimes I get in the mood for a lively love story.  This is a very thorough examination of her courtship with her Korean American husband, the stories of five other couples of mixed races and why all Americans should stand together culturally.  I was surprised by how much turmoil Farr felt the relationship stirred up, but Farr can certainly tell a good tale, leaving in many of her own flawed moments.

On a non book note:  I was very disappointed in the Wizards of Waverly Place one hour who is the family wizard event.  Within five minutes, I was bored, the special effects were lacking pizzaz, the writing scraped 20 odd minutes worth of blah content over 48 odd minutes worth of airtime, leaving pacing issues that desperately needed patching.  Plus, a loyal audience witnessed the waste of the talents of the very fine Wizards cast.  Bah.  The earlier Wizards movie was chock full o’action, filmed on location and written well.  The writers, directors and producers needed to have made more of an effort to live up to the standard they set for themselves.

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