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January 14, 2012

Started production stage managing a show so having a little less free time.  So here’s a quick look at what’s going on here at the pond.

Starting my Chinese New Year research/sketching.  So far, having a lot of fun with Autodesk’s SketchBook on my iPad.  Here’s a sample:







What else? Did you know

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 now takes it movie riffing on the road? I didn’t either until I wrote an article about Cinematic Titanic.

Got a Radio Free Roscoe DVD for Christmas.  One of my favorite shows.  Right up there with Get Smart, The Avengers, The Tick (animated), Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Space Ghost Coast to Coast (yes, that’s the 2 a.m in the morning list).

Reading a book called Origin of the Specious about the things people try to convince you are grammatical mistakes and aren’t.  Much of the discord seems to be caused by inflicting Latin based structures on a Germanic language.

Yes, Life With Archie #16 is out, Kevin Keller is married, I only teared up a little, it reinforces my theory that people fall in love on the bad days, and the pile of Archie comics on my bedside reading table is growing.  I do want the gay girl character introduced soon.  She can be a brunette, although Riverdale seems to already have a bunch of those in residence.  And are you reading the Archie Kiss crossovers.  It’s goofy but the Francesco Francavailla alternate covers are dreamy.  Yes, I said dreamy.  Have to talk my comic guys out of the promo poster.

So happy to hear last night that The Web Files won two IAWTV Awards.  Host Kristyn Burtt, Director/Producer Sandra Payne and the rest of the crew turned out consistently excellent episodes which introduced me to the world of web series, with a continuing dose of inspiration and information.  Plus, they were always darn entertaining.  And they’re nice people.  Find out more at Kristyn Burtt’s blog.

Started to mull Midsummer but I think that deserves its own post.  The new Blink Kitty Love Tumblr has gone from posting art thrice a week to twice a week but I’m very happy with the variety and consistency.  Check it out. Here’s a sample:






Hmmmm…what else? Want to see Joyful Noise, caught Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Good performances, a little quiet, think the book might be better. Red Tails is on the must catch list, Pariah and The Artist need to come into town, Haywire looks like good kicking it fun.

Oh yeah, my new favorite blog is Autostraddle.  Have I mentioned that?  I’ll quote them:  “News, Entertainment, Opinion and Girl on Girl Action.”  Plus, they post the frequent sounds so good I may actually have to try it recipe.

I’m now more than 30 minutes past my self imposed curfew and I have to deal with actors in the afternoon tomorrow so goodnight, enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.  Check out something from the list (it ranges, YOU can find something, I have faith in you), then come back and we’ll talk.

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