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February 11, 2012

A day which always brings to mind “Friday, I’m In Love” one of my favorite songs by The Cure (or anyone else). For the rest of the week, there’s Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like A Love Song”.

Still working on a show.  Have to buy new black pants + dig out my limited supply of plain black t-shirts/sweaters as the tech process has now started so invisibility backstage is required.  Outdoor shows have a different set of clothing requirements.

Reading non Sherlock Arthur Conan Doyle.  Thinking about Poe — Shirt.woot! is having a Poe vs. Shakespeare smackdown this week.  Both inspire me, but I spent last night mulling over Poe, recalling the charming creepiness of Charles Addams and wondering why I’ve let the gore hounds + zombie drains take creating a delicious frisson in reader/viewer away from me.  Work with a brush not a bucket.

Made a to do list, which I will revisit once this show’s up and running.  Also have to do some play reading, both for my program and the theatre in general.  Debating Loves Labours Lost charms and what to follow Midsummer with.

2:01.  Thinking about my next Joan Jett and The Blackhearts album purchase.  Downloaded the Blackheart Valentine Day mixtape and enjoying it.  Blackheart does an excellent mixtape.

Miss photosafariing + haikuing.  Happy with all the dragons.  Handing them over to people now.  Not checking out Autostraddle as much, but making more connections on Twitter.  Twitter seems a natural way to communicate for me.

The Artist — amazing movie, compelling performances.  Nice to see Penelope Ann Miller onscreen, although I’d prefer to see her use more of her comic abilities.  I have so much (good) to say about Jean Dujardin and  Bérénice Bejo that the movie might need its own blog post.

The Help is in the red envelope on top of the TV.  Seems like the Oscars are lining up to be Artist vs. Help so I want to be an informed commenter.

Disney:  liking the new shows Jessie + Austin and Ally, missing Good Luck Charlie a bit, looking forward to the Radio Rebel movie.

Ok, typed myself nearly to sleep.  Sorry for the lack of links.  Google can help you with that.

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