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February 18, 2012

Have been mad busy with theatre and farce so here’s a quick list of concerts on the consideration cusp:

Gomez:  The Quinceanera Tour

Rodrigio y Gabriela:  Area 52 

Beats Antique:  Elektraphone

Girl In A Coma:  Exits and All The Rest

Additionally:  Joan Jett and the Blackhearts can return to the neighborhood any time, I want to see her play “Tulane” live. Jett blazes through so fast, I haven’t got all the words yet so mulling a fiendish doodle related plan to entertain myself and possibly others.  Blackheart Records has also launched the Blackheart Brigade, a fan community, currently mobilizing behind the Girl In A Coma tour and a design a t-shirt challenge.

Of note: Bomb Girls is a Canadian TV show about women factory workers during World War 2 that sounds really cool.  Hoping it comes out on DVD.

Ok, going to download Glorious Results of A Misspent Youth.

Also:  You could safely see This Means War if you want an action date movie.  Chris Pine is growing nicely into romantic lead parts, has great chemistry with both Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon and there is also (although not enough) Angela Bassett.  Journey 2:  Mysterious Island also had its moments.  Always enjoy Caine, Johnson and Hudgens.  Take a ten year old (niece, nephew, son, daughter).  They seemed to be the target audience and the bigger than I expected audience had a good time.


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