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March 7, 2012

Had a fun night skipping around on Twitter, linking and watching the newest seasons of some of my favorite web series.  You could be in on this too, just follow along.

Let’s start with BJ Fletcher, PI, a wonderful, extremely smart, incredibly goofy show about a pair of detectives.  Well, technically, one detective, one assistant.  You just can’t help rooting for Fletch. Really.  Watch it, you’ll see.  

Short Term TV is erratic but I love the morose acerbity (and absurdity) of Twitter peep, Heather Horton.  And there are at least three laugh out loud moments each episode.  

Shelf Life is a slick take on many many superhero tropes and pushes the crass zone on my meter occasionally, but scores mostly as well acted, solid humor in short enough bites that it won’t ever be too sour.

And now to the promised haikus, in order of composition.

2:30 a.m. Haiku:

Too bright for darkness
Hello again, Restless Night
Words songs moods mingle

Not Quite A Spring Night Haiku:

Nearly full tumbling
Curves arcing bright whispers through
Cloud shrouded moonlight

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