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March 23, 2012

John Carter (Of Mars) + Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars, as performed by Lynn Collins.  Going to have to look up her recent Portia (in the Al Pacino as Shylock with the extra added scene : / Merchant Of Venice).

Channing Tatum — have liked him since She’s The Man so not surprised he did well with comedy in 21 Jump Street.  Wasn’t as thrilled with the script — writers really don’t seem to be working for complex comedy anymore, but he and Jonah Hill scored well on the team + comic chemistry.

Jennifer Lawrence:  I’m not planning to see The Hunger Games, but I am looking forward to more Lawrence projects.  Her Winter’s Bone performance deserved the accolades and her Mystique intrigued in X-Men:  First Class.

Lloyd Alexander and Tamora Pierce:  stopped by the library for creative refueling and picked up the first books in each of my favorite fantasy series from these authors.  Pierce’s Protector of The Small quartet is a great read about a girl learning to be a leader.  Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain are gems that restore my faith in many things each time I read them.

Radio Rebel:  enjoyed the movie; like the soundtrack even better.  Especially the GGGG songs.

Ugly Betty:  reruns just restarted the series so I’m enjoying the character progress in its proper order.  Very impressive array of actors.  Judith Light, Vanessa Williams, Rebecca Romijn, Salma Hayek…very hard to turn off.  And America Ferrera holds the center with a smile, frown, an arched eyebrow, a look of confusion, a look of frustration…great fun.

Trying to get back into a creative routine after spending the winter Production Stage Managing “May The Farce Be With You.”  Had a fun interview for the York Dispatch with Sandy Hackett of Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show.

Read a great interview with British comedian Lenny Henry about how he got over his disgruntlement with Shakespeare.

And finished a new Blink Kitty Love animation last night.  That gets you mostly up to speed, I think.


Spring Poem by Blink Kitty Love from Michelle Denise Norton on Vimeo.

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