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April 11, 2012


Miss writing.  Really need to pick a project and focus.  Other people and other people’s projects keep sneaking in — or sometimes I invite them.  Ended up having some interesting and unexpected conversations about directing where I was the person giving advice.  Hmmm, new stage.  This has also prompted an earlier foray into planning this summer’s Theatre Under The Trees:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I seem to have taken on an apprentice director, which is a first for me.

Also a first:  designing lights for Robin Hood.  Have been finding myself not enjoying the indoor and electrical aspects of theatre during my Production Stage Managing gig for May The Farce Be With You.  But lighting design is something I’ve always wanted to do.  Had some frustration with not knowing enough to create a light plot effectively but the actual hanging and focusing session was quick, efficient and educational thanks to Mark Dennis.  It put me back in an enjoying the collaborative process zone.  Which is where I need to be.

I also miss animating.  And am pondering comics. The Blink Kitty Love Twitter feed is lively (are you following?) and I’ve been on track with Wednesday and Sunday art, but I keep coming up with ideas, pushing them away in my head until I’m finished __________ and have taken a day off and then there’s a random day when I realize I’ve let the idea drift away and I only remember the vagaries.


Girl In A Coma in concert:  excellent.  I usually can’t listen to Exits and All The Rests all the way through because it all starts to blur, but damn, everything sounded better and bolder and more kick ass live.  That’s the point of concerts, you sydh and say.  And now I remember.  I’m glad to have started going again.  Concerts + live theatre are two mediums you should experience often.  Irreplaceable experiences.  Collect some.  And buy the t-shirt.  Or save the program/tickets.

And I think I’ll stop there.  Flash is stomping around, I have that nice I’ve actually written something and can relax a bit feeling and exhaustion is still in the house, sitting right next to insomnia.  And on that note, I get Girl In A Coma’s Walking After Midnight cover in my head.  Which always puts me in a country mood.  Which always makes me think of kd lang, Absolute Torch and Twang and how I was probably the only person in America who was a little sad when she came out because suddenly there was no more country with a wide streak of wry*.

*These events may not actually be linked, but they are for me.  And did anyone else watch Salmonberries?  And “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” is probably a better example of wide streak of wry – can you beat its half of the lang polka para:  “Don’t Be A Lemming Polka?” I don’t expect kd lang to have continued to develop her career to suit my tastes and as I watch her hee haw her way through “Don’t Be A Lemming (click through link and you can too)” I realize evolution as an artist is essential to sanity and survival and you can’t really predict anyone’s path.  And I do occasionally catch myself humming “Miss Chatelaine.” But lang’s voice and song choices don’t sway me much anymore.  It was fun to hear her purr through “What’s New Pussycat” live in concert once upon a time though.

Good night all. If I wake up with my Stetson on, it’s probably best to blame Patsy Cline, who seems to inspire people (although I think I’m more likely to default to her “Crazy”).

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