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May 9, 2012

Not a party. Especially not in North Carolina.

Saw The Avengers.*  Saving a full review for after I see it again.  Really liked some of the interactions, actors all excellent, but not as satisfying an experience as I had hoped for.  The see all The Avengers prequels with friends and snackles party was fun and Thor moved up several notches on second viewing.  Branagh does many things well as a director. Chris Hemsworth has impressed me since he stole the show in the new Star Trek with his brief screen appearance as James T. Kirk’s father.  Looking forward to the Hemsworth-Kristen Stewart tag team in Snow White and The Huntsman.  Gayle is resigned to an opening weekend viewing.

Watched two episodes of Motorcity on Disney XD.  Looks different, but stories are too easily wrapped up in a cloud of good guys always win engine revving. Characters not well enough developed for me to look forward to another episode.  Titmouse Studios does seem to be getting the Twitter buzz though.  The solo hero against corporate oppression is in definitely in. Disney XD is also soon debuting a Tron:  Uprising (not sure of title) cartoon.  Not enough girls in any of them.  

Haven’t been able to catch another Legend Of Korra episode due to hectic schedule but I am looking forward to when I can.  The trend in new “children’s” animation seems to be grim dystopian and anarchist (Korra seems to be on the side of not letting the anarchists win, but I don’t know how corrupt the established structures are yet).

The universe, this universe, any universe needs rebuilders, people to lead and not just take down bad structures, leaving righteous rubble, but also to create better things. But putting leadership lessons in fictional form is difficult.  Track down Tamora Pierce’s (my brief post on interviewing Pierce) Protector of The Small series and Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain for some good ones.

Maybe it’s time to read Machiavelli again.  And the Tao Te Ching.  They tend to balance each other in my personal mix of influences.

Here’s tonight’s Diesel Sweeties. Now you can see why it makes the list of my favorite webcomics.

see more hipster robot webcomics and pixel t-shirts

*Also, I did a new Blink Kitty Love web comic partly as a perq for the Twitter followers I’d been harassing about pancakes while trying to distract myself from not seeing The Avengers.



Good night!

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