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May 18, 2012

Haven’t done one of these in awhile so here goes:

Pottermore: started slow but picked up once I got the same wand combination as H. Potter. Impressed and inspired by the depth and solidity of the fantasy world JK Rowling built.


Avengers: one of those movies that gets a little better every time I see it, although I still think it’s somewhat unwieldy for Whedon’s skill set.. Hope they fast track a sequel without slacking on prep.

Thor: my favorite on a second viewing, Branagh really cracked the high heroic, the majesty of Asgard, the fun of snappy patter. Need to acquire copy for home library.

Captain America: son of a gun, it’s a nice solid superhero movie. Hope they have fun with the sequel, Chris Evans is one of my favorite actors and Gayle wants a Cap love interest.

The Pirates: Band of Misfits! Haven’t gotten a chance to see it, but looking forward to Aardman stop motion magic when I do.

Saw new Amazing Spiderman trailer pre Avengers, had a totally unexpected I miss Tobey Maguire thought. Still in shock from that and doubts have entered about Andrew Garfield’s ability to handle the snappy patter.

Amazing Spiderman movie: Love how the costume looks like it has a basketball texture feel but the movie doesn’t make the must see list.

Must see list: Snow White and The Huntsman, Men in Black 3, Brave, Rock of Ages (Catherine Zeta Jones trumps shirtless Tom Cruise aversion), Total Recall (trailer caught my attention), GI Joe: Retaliation. Not sure about Battleship…might need a movie break before Snow White and I did like Taylor Kitsch in John Carter.


Hart of Dixie: fun weekly soap opera run at Northern short shorts meets South maybe not so big on hospitality. Have always been a Rachel Bilson fan, she continues charming, so pick up a second season folks.

Hart of Dixie update:  Season 2 is a go, they’re changing the night to Tuesday.

My Babysitter Is A Vampire is coming back to Disney for a second summer. Nice.

Legend of Korra: really frickin’ grim + politically sophisticated and the episode last week had the Avatar broken down in tears after not fighting back against the bad guy. Boo.

Motorcity: Not thrilled.

Tron: The Uprising: will miss the premiere tomorrow, but actually looks pretty cool and like it has well thought out plot, which is part of Motorcity’s lack — having the movies for backstory probably doesn’t hurt the Tron situation.

Phineas and Ferb has become cynical, far too self indulgent, stopped doing its five jokes really excellently well, the quality of its musical numbers has dropped and now I’ve started looking to see if what’s on is one of the earlier episodes before P-Ferb lost its roaring heart o’wonder.  If not, we’re inclined to skip.


Dropped the Legion Lost, which has two of my favorite characters Dawnstar and Wildfire.  Plot never advanced, interactions never had any depth or truth.

Batwoman:  fragmenting your story over six narrative voices and time frames is a nice trick for an issue or two, but this is running at least 8, I think, and the conversation I have with my comic book guys always seem to go: well we liked it but…

Demon Knights:  Read this book.  A really interesting + quirky + diverse group of characters, some breathtaking art, very unpredictable…I always put this on the top of the to read pile.

Night Force:  Marv Wolfman is doing politics + creepy + demony things and it’s amazing.  Another must read.

Archie Comics Double Digests:  still picking up Betty and Veronica Double Digests as well as the Jughead versions. Still amazed at the stories they get out of the characters.

Archie Comics general:  still heartened by how much I like each Kevin Keller issue.  Still don’t understand why anyone would pick Veronica over Betty (and I lean brunettes).


Blackheart Records has a Road Trip mixtape for summer I’ll probably get as a birthday treat next week.

Sorry to hear the news about Donna Summer’s death; I’ve always enjoyed disco and her songs often had the infectious danceable joy that made them the best of it.  Tossing between “On The Radio” and “This Time I Know It’s For Real” which is a darn fun basic dance through it video.

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s some blossoms on the wind for you.

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