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May 30, 2012

Lab Rats: relatively new Disney XD show, good fun ensemble comedy.

Glad to hear Good Luck Charlie is doing well in the ratings.  Also a good ensemble comedy.  My buddy @KristynBurtt just went to a taping + posted some behind the scenes photos on her blog.

Tron: The Uprising: enjoyed it. Solid story, action, suspense…hit all the hero origin points in a good way.  Plus, light cycle racing looks cool.

Men In Black III: did not enjoy it much. Josh Brolin did an excellent turn as past Agent K.

Snow White and The Huntsman: they keep switching up the trailer + it keeps looking better. I love the shatter effect when swords go through “people” in battle. Are they people if they shatter like that?

Picked up some graphic novels at the library. Really enjoying Marvel’s Runaways. Well written story of a group of teenagers whose parents turn out to be supervillians. Majority of the characters are girls, one of them is gay. Had a quick chat with one of the guys at the comic book store whose taste in comics coincides with mine and it’s a favorite of his too. Took home the Avengers Academy-Runaways recent team up on his advice and going to hit up the library for more so I can decide which books are must buys. Runaways was on the list of Marvel movies so I hope it gets back into the pipeline. I’d love to see the characters on screen.

Flash: is still zipping through great art and good stories.

I miss Nomad.  Bring her back Marvel.  And not with a supervillian stashed in her psyche (or wherever they stow themselves away these days.)

Reading through the Hopeless Savages Greatest Hits before sleep this week. If you haven’t read Hopeless Savages yet, it’s a must read.

Blackheart Records Road Trip mixtape is fun; liking The Dollyrots contribution, especially California Beach Boy.  Girl in A Coma is touring during our crunch time for Midsummer so we’ll probably have to miss that but I have hopes of seeing Joan Jett in concert again.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream auditions are happening. Think I cracked the logo. It’s been an interesting evolution.

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