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June 7, 2012

I liked it. The dwarves seemed superfluous, but the take on a rescuer of royal blood is excellent.  Bow and arrows score another pop culture hit as Sam Claflin verged on dangerously earnest often enough to be interesting.  Kristen Stewart was a strong Snow White, while still retaining the spirit of the child who’d been locked away.  When she knelt by the Queen at the end, I had a flash of Snow White the younger, which knitted together some odd moments in the movie for me, if the character had retained some of the 8 or 10 year old version intact when the door of her prison opened.  I’ve been reading people mention Joan of Arc as part of the character’s inspiration, but there was also Henry V.  Stewart’s version of the St. Crispin’s Day speech held the screen.

Chris Hemsworth was a very different character from Thor and continues to impress me.  He and Stewart top my list of actors that can put a movie on my must list.  Charlize Theron did a pretty amazing  job with the Evil Queen.  I’ve never really been a fan but have new respect for her talents.

Now that I’ve brought it up, I’m wondering who is on my can make a movie a must see list:  Emily Blunt, Vanessa Hudgens, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Angela Basset, Meagan Good, Kristen Stewart, Catherine Zeta Jones, Emma Thompson…After watching  the OSS 117 movies, anything the Michel Hazanavicius team does is something I want to see.  They cracked evoking the 60’s in a movie so so much better than Men In Black III did.  I do like the Pitbull version of Back In Time.

John Carter is out on DVD.  On the buy list, really enjoyed it on the big screen.  Have been watching the first season of My Babysitter’s A Vampire in prep for the second season on Disney.  A good festival of fun frights charmer.  May see The Avengers again this weekend if Aardman’s Pirates has disappeared out of the $2 theatre.  GI Joe’s in the red envelope on top of the TV and I’m enjoying reading through as many of the Marvel Runaways graphic novels as the library had.

Here’s some Snow White inspired art.  Cheers!

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