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July 21, 2012

Started this yesterday and an internet crash prevented posting but since a slippery stage delayed our Opening Night, the title is still accurate.  So read on, barring further internet shenanigans:

Tomorrow, A Midsummer Night’s Dream opens.  A thunderstorm interrupted rehearsal at the very end tonight, I’d really like the weather to get that out of its system now.  Here’s one of two articles about this year’s Theatre Under The Trees.  The reporter only mashed up a quote or two.

Now a quick run through my recent ventures into things non Shakespeare.

Season Two of My Babysitter’s A Vampire amps up the good clean goofy fun.  Good for laughter.

Aardman’s The Pirates!:  A Band of Misfits was solidly animated, quite clever + had a story that lacks heart.  Aardman has yet to crack long form narrative for me.  I think there’s some Shaun The Sheep Olympic tie in episodes though.  Yes, there are:  Championsheeps.

Brave:  Merida great character, story excellent, better than Pixar usual standard I think.  Was surprised to find myself disappointed in the animation.  The bear didn’t work for me as a transformed character.  Much of the movie seemed done in a cut rate fashion.  Would have preferred to see animation more in the style of Tangled.

Amazing Spiderman:  wasn’t planning to see it, but I enjoyed it.  Loved the humor they managed to work in.  Dennis Leary and Martin Sheen excelled, leading a cast that brought the Spiderman story vividly to life.

Bunheads:  still continues charming.

Have been on an Eddie Campbell kick.  Own the entire run of his Bacchus.  I have a weakness for well done modern takes on mythology.  Purchased his latest, The Lovely Horrible Stuff, a autobiographical meditation on money in the Campbell style.  Enjoyed its curmudgeonly charm so had the library track down Alec:  The Years Have Pants.  Still working my way through it.  Too much Alec tends to darken my mood.  Met Campbell at SPX once, he signed a Bacchus poster for me and was concerned that the ink didn’t smear.  A meticulous man.

Captain Marvel:  why yes, I do have a comic crush on Captain Marvel, ace fearless pilot and newly recostumed superhero.  I suggest you develop one too.

Batwoman:  dropping the book from my monthly pull list as the fragmented story line went on too long and Gotham is too grim a locale for me.  I’ll miss Maggie Sawyer though.

Legend of Bold Riley:  Yes.  Thank you Leia Weathington.  Gay swashbuckling hero legend fun.  Read it.

Legend of Korra:  caught the season finale accidentally tonight, didn’t raise my opinion much.  Rush job, too little Avatar character development, too many tears.  Hitting bottom took 30 seconds, big problem fixed in 10.  Nope.  Then they played the last two episodes of the orginal Avatar:  The Last Airbender series finale.  So amazing.  Fights were gorgeous martial arts mastery + swirls of colors, characters were so fully developed the world paused on a point of principle.  Where did this level of excellence go?  It’s the same darn guys doing Korra.  Where’s the greatness you put in Katara and Toph and Suki? Boo.  Did I say that already?

Ok, enough ranting.  I probably need to try sleep.  Did I miss anything?  Archie comics still keeping me entertained.  I did get to see Joan Jett in concert (picture below). Great set list, some of my favorite songs + some new ones as well.  Seventh Ink is doing a Kickstarter with kick ass art that I want a Belligerent Bengal shirt from.  So check it out.  And catch Midsummer if you’re in the area.  It might be amazing.  Cheers.

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