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August 6, 2012

Taking a break for the Olympics and to recover from A Midsummer Night’s Dream…it was amazing, best of them, cast did so very well but had to stop by because I’m excited and enthralled tonight (and Twitter is exploding with happiness) by NASA successfully landing the Curiosity Rover on Mars. So great to see such a success for science + effort + risk taking. So happy to see so many people excited by it.

So raise whatever you’re drinking tonight to exploration. I think I might dig out some old school science fiction tomorrow. It always inspired me. Asimov comes immediately to mind, not only his robot stories and the Foundation books but also Lucky Starr, Space Ranger. Sounded like a fun job. I spent some time wanting to be an astronaut, when I wasn’t wanting to be an equestrian jockey (the jumping over obstacles kind not the running around tracks kind). Of course, in most pictures of me as a child, I had a camera in hand. So astronaut equestrian photographer was my 5 year old official dream job, I think : ) Have they invented space horses yet?

Check out NASA + pictures from Mars here. And dream yourself a bigger reach tonight, whatever your dreams are.

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