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August 20, 2012

Actually, it is but the lovely PIL “This Is Not A Love Song” just popped into my head so we’ll go from there.

Enjoyed the Olympics.  Favorite events:  women’s soccer, beach volleyball, diving, what they showed of the modern pentathlon, fencing, team rhythmic gymnastics (actually pretty cool), the way the USA Women’s sprint relay teams just flew, field hockey, water polo, gymnastics, white water kayak…pretty much all of it I saw except the Bob Costas parts.  The daytime anchors on the alt networks were fun to listen to.

Olympic inspiration:  Megan Rapinoe not only saved the game against Canada with some very impressive skills, she came out as gay before the Olympics.  Lots of articles out there about it (and pictures of her and Australian soccer playing girlfriend Sarah Walsh) but Sports Illustrated did an excellent one titled “The Unquiet American.”

But there’s a problem.  See, when I get inspired, I can usually turn the energy into something creative.  Get inspired by Buffy and/or the episode where Willow and Kennedy get together, I watch the DVDs, channel my inspiration into art*, write a novel (really, it’s fun — Oz, Tara and Kennedy —  and I needed a way to get through the end of the 7th season and no more Buffy (or Kennedy).  Get inspired by Joan Jett, read her book, see her in concert, BLAST her music, blog about it, take pictures at the concert, start sketching ideas, write at least one kick ass haiku**, repeat diving into mood:  Jett with some frequency for continued inspiration.  Get inspired by a couple (and yes, I do mean couple) of soccer players, well, what the heck do I do with that?  Win?!?!?!?!?!  But what’s my gold medal event?  Hmmmm.

And now, I’m going through soccer and Olympic withdrawal, although I do need to watch the rest of the USA-Canada game while it’s still available On Demand.

And there was more to catch up on, but that about covers where I am.  Quick hits:  The Dollyrots are releasing a new album, Bunheads is very entertaining, took a stack of books out of the library but none are compelling so far, I’m on a search for a copy of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith that I don’t have to buy, Baudelaire and John Singer Sargent (this is the painting for me)  have come up recently on Twitter.  And Captain Marvel continues well, as do Demon Knights, Night Force and Kevin Keller.

Thanks for stopping by; good night all.

*Alyson Hannigan inspired (sort of) artwork










**Joan Jett Album Cover Meditation Haiku:

Naked Fetish Skin
Challenge Truth Raw Desire Sin
Joan Jett rocks me in

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