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2:25 A.M.

August 28, 2012

Quick hits:

ParaNorman was more fun (and moving) than I expected.  Well done stop motion from Laika Studios.  Nice to see movies/plays I don’t know the plot of.  The fact that the faces were done with 3D printers is exciting and makes me want one.  Thinking about taking a design class from Coursera in October.

On a Florence + The Machine kick.

Took all the first draft fiction off my desk (I had been planning to rework/finish a couple of possibilities). Having serious conversations with Gayle about what I actually enjoy doing.  Need a fresh start with a clean desk* + reclaiming my studio.

I’ve always been a words plus person:  words plus images, words plus actors, words plus music.  Somehow poetry manages to count as words plus.  Essay/blogging type writing registers as just conversation, but creating fictional worlds…it’s very hard to maintain that mood.  A friend read In The Bleak December and commented that she felt like it was a play.  I might have paid more attention to that.

So, having the luxury of no theatre related deadlines on the schedule, it’s time to actually take a chance. And reorganize.  And leap.  And pick up new art supplies (street graffiti kit like Krink markers is tempting me).  And tape things to walls.  And learn to use the mid range animating program I already own.  And pick an interesting project for this year’s mood:  October — maybe Poe.

Might be fun. Thanks for stopping by.  And stay tuned for developments.

*Need space to work.  Also need room to play with toys + puppets ; )

Almost forgot, there is a new Blink Kitty Love animation in the universe.  I love doing them.  It’s a way for me to sort through whatever I’m currently thinking about in the always bright + goofy + darn cheerful Blink Kitty Love style.

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