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September 5, 2012

Good aftermidnight, loyal reader. 1:48 a.m. here at Lonelypond central and I think we’re due for a blog post. Though I put aside the writing of fiction, I fully intend to keep my pen/keyboard/marker in the writing  etc. game. Plus, I feel a soccer rant/ramble coming on.

But first.  I have been reading.  Finished a useful book In Pursuit of Silence: Listening For Meaning in a World of Noise.  Author Greg Prochnik let his search for silence take him unexpected places and the book is full of uniquely noisy stories.  I enjoyed it.  The conclusion is worth thinking about:  perhaps the focus should not be putting massive resources into deadening noise, but putting more energy into finding and encouraging quiet.

Also zinged through the first two books in Rick Riordan’s The Kane Chronicles, where he takes on Egyptian gods, mythology and magicians.  There’s a fun brother-sister dynamic in the narration and I’m enjoying them more than his Percy Jackson, Lightning Thief etc. series.

Also read John Fox’s The Ball:  Discovering The Object of the Game.  Better viewed as individual essays on sports history than a book leading you along a single path.  But had its moments.

New Blink Kitty Love comic.  Will post it below.  Halloween has hit the stores too darn early. I am not ready to kickstart mood: October yet.

New Dollyrots video.

Ah, yes soccer.  Cue ramble.  Coach Pia Sundhage is going back to Sweden and the U.S. Women’s National Team (#USWNT is the hashtag) is heading for some chaos.  They soundly defeated Costa Rica on their victory tour, with goals from marquee players aka Megan Rapinoe, Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan.  Morgan has apparently exploded in popularity, at least as measured by Twitter.  Oh wait, I’ll go back and link their Twitter pages.  Followers are currency.  I follow @mpinoe and @swalshy9 (Sarah Walsh of Australia) because I respect their honesty about their relationship and setting an example and frankly, they seem like talented dedicated funny sane smart decent people. This is what I like to err on when it comes to my Twitter feed (and elsewhere) Actually, it’s the @blinkkittylove Twitter, I’ve outsourced my sports there.  And the aforesaid @swalshy9 inadvertently started my current Florence + The Machine kick.  I get most of my new music leads from Twitter.  I think I had Florence + The Machine in a mental box with Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, who I heard on Letterman once and wasn’t impressed by.  Oversight corrected.  Most of the rest of soccer players, I’ve put on a sports list (still in progress).  Oh and I’m following @sydneyleroux because she’s entertaining and extremely energetic.

The soccer kick actually started watching Japan win their way through to the World Cup in 2011.  I was impressed.  Their playing style and well, yeah, pluckiness really couldn’t help but impress.  So I spent some time looking for a women’s pro league to follow here, but the women’s professional league decided to take themselves out of business.  I wasn’t aware until after the Olympics that there was a W-League (pro am soccer) in the USA and had been since ’95.  There is currently talk of a pro league, but no details and frankly, I’m having trouble believing it.  The presumed franchise owners are missing a major marketing window.  There is talk of 5 teams.  They might do better to do a North American league, include Canada and Mexico, perhaps touring to rotate stadiums and regions.  Or let the best American players get international experience and take the years until the next World Cup/Olympics and set the darn thing up right.

But right now, I’m finding out about Australian soccer.  Their leagues start up in our Autumn and their National Team, the Matildas, is meeting the USWNT in mid September for two games, as well as a bonus game versus Haiti on September 13 in Indianapolis.  Too far for an impromptu roadtrip, alas.

So that’s me getting soccer out of my system for a bit.  Gayle likes half watching it better than football (the NFL kind).  And I can spend nearly as much time talking about sports as theatre because:  1. I always took them seriously when playing (and my one season as a field hockey coach:  long story, tiny school, my all time worst sports memory was watching bigger older players tromp all over my team.  There’s not much you can do as a coach.)  2. Sports have always been part of my mental and physical vocabulary.  3.  It’s a nice break from whatever I’m thinking/worrying about to watch people try to excel.

Speaking of theatre — and if you bet I couldn’t segue from soccer to Shakespeare, pay up and pay more attention ; ), trying not to let mood:  Australia influence The Tempest. I might be in trouble if this were April, especially as I have a friend who makes didgeridoos. But I am committed to not having a Tempest where we explore the colonial mentality.  So I’m avoiding obvious island influences (also, Jamaica, so no reggae, and I’ve always wanted an excuse to pick up a steel drum so that stings a little.)  I think I’d prefer it to be about getting over the past, but I’m not officially thinking about it.  I said officially.   Although I have set up a tentative puppet meeting.  I’d really like Ariel to fly.

Cheers! 2:41 has arrived. Thanks for stopping by.

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