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September 12, 2012

Howdy. Welcome to Wednesday afternoon. And you ask (go ahead ask, I’ll try to keep it snappy), what is a middle of a September week like there at @mdnighmaverick/lonelypond HQ?

Beasts Of The Southern Wild is actually in town and I had a movie date scheduled to see it yesterday but my little brother* showed up unexpectedly so we played the new Settlers Of Catan expansion all afternoon + evening, with much talk and minor taunting. Great fun.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark was Imaxing this week and I thought I’d missed it, but it’s coming to the local cinema this weekend. So I may get a movie date in yet : ) Makes up for the Avengers in a theatre near you*** over Labor Day urban myth ; )

Trying to figure out how to watch the Australia-Haiti game that’s happening in Indianapolis tomorrow. If you’re there, go. Tell ’em @blinkkitylove sent you.

SPX is this weekend. Haven’t been for too many years. I’m excited to see what the indie comic world is up to. Might take some Blink Kitty Love postcards to hand out. Have to find the pile of blanks somewhere in the living room and finalize a design(Thursday plan) .

Got some random items from Shirt.Woot! (long sleeve shirt + hoodie I’m not thrilled with); negotiating trades. It’s always interesting to figure out how communities and their communication work. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with different groups/people without really being central to most.

My fantasy football teams lost in both leagues. It’s annoying when my mother wins (ringer). This happens most years, even over my aforementioned stats fiend of a little brother. Which should comfort me, but it doesn’t.

Working on an article this week. Everyone seems to be starting October/Halloween moods early. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

Been catching up on taking care of the backyard aka horticulture aka pruning my rosebush. There’s a September rose for you later(perq for stopping by).

Trying to think of a way to process political frustration without getting into the partisan mudslinging muck fight. Considering a Blink Kitty Love Vote, Darn It PSA animation. Might be fun. We also live in a town where the Founding Fathers once took to drinking (there’s a tavern; people occasionally dress up in costumes. And eat oysters). So I’m also considering a historical #photosafari. And have you registered to vote? It matters. Go do it. Then go do it in November.

That should keep you going for awhile. Enjoy your midweek. Have cinnamon on/in something (have decided this is my food harbinger of Fall: cinnamon, whether mixed into mulled cider or swirling through a pumpkin pie). Although today I think I’ll opt for a basketball thinking session followed by a green tea latte to spec.

*if you have a younger sibling, you know they come equipped with crimping** a date timing and it continues even when they are fully grown.

**crimping**** is my new favorite verb.

***45 minutes away doesn’t qualify when there’s a movie theatre that’s only seven and a half. Unreasonable, I know.

****traditional meanings, although I don’t mind the scat singing ad libbing one. Does the Urban Dictionary ruin perfectly good relationships with words for you as well?

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