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October 1, 2012

Warehouse 13 season finale coming up. Last episode had a shocker moment; still processing.

My Babysitter’s A Vampire is kicking out an excellent, snappy second season. Second half of the finale next Friday. Going to run through the first season on dvd and this season On Demand in prep for it. So glad they put Kate Todd in more episodes. Need to rewatch my Radio Free Roscoe dvd sometime as well. Todd’s fellow RFR alum Genelle Williams has been a secret weapon Warehouse 13 doesn’t use enough.

Hmmm…Captain Marvel still a must read as soon as I can, Demon Knights solid, picked up Rue Britannia, Phonogram’s first story arc in its graphic novel form.  Such a weird journey.  But excellent.  Need to pull out my Phonogram:  Singles Club issues and see if my comic book guys can track down the collected edition.  Jamie McKelvie’s art amazes; the music fascinates, which in the world of Phonogram is the point of music.  Well, and that music is everything.  And magic as well.  Although my favorite Singles Club issue is the one focused on Kid With Knife, who isn’t about magic at all.  One of the few comics I’ve ever insisted Gayle read.

I have had a temp job helping out with grunt paperwork for a show, a job which starts too early in the morning so playing Joan Jett on the way there to wake up.  Listening to Jett sing “I Want You” and realized I miss thinking about Joan Jett.  Wonder when the new music that’s been working its way into concerts (heard three new songs in Dundalk, liked two and a half) is going to be released in accessible form.

I listen to Florence + The Machine on the way home.  “No Light, No Light” is my current favorite, although I did get tired of hearing it used in advertising.  I do like the Calvin Harris “Spectrum” remix but that’s in my iTunes, so I get the original version, also ace.

Bitchin Kitchen is back for a third season on The Cooking Channel and is as stiletto sharp as ever.  New show Eden Eats, goes to an American city each week and explores its immigrant foods.  Fascinating stuff and the host is an energetic interesting goof.

Paranorman is at the cheap theatre so planning to get in a second view.  Looper looks interesting, I’m excited about Argo and might hit up Hotel Transylvania for comic relief and in support of Selena Gomez, although Spring Breakers (also with Vanessa Hudgens) is the Gomez movie I’m most curious about.  Pitch Perfect also makes the watch list, trailer was fun.  And I’ve been hearing good things about the Ten Years cast, which includes Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Justin Long, Lynn Collins, Anthony Mackie and Rosario Dawson.

And good night.  Thanks for stopping by.  Think yellow and orange Autumn thoughts.  Pumpkins + mums.

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