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October 30, 2012

Having a heartsick night.  Tweetdeck is open and Twitter is full of peril for New York City as Sandy sweeps through and hospitals’ backup generators fail and the city floods.  Twitter  is also full of peril for two pods of pilot whales herded into the killing cove at Taiji and trapped there to face a deadly fate tomorrow.  The pilot whale news is via @OmarSeaShepherd, who I’ve been following for awhile.  They livestream the Taiji activities.  I don’t watch the live stream, the tweet stream is sickening enough.

My parents are three blocks away from the evacuation line in the part of NJ I grew up in (and stubborn).  Long Beach Island is evacuated and flooding.  Rain is pounding down outside here.

It’s a hard night in more than a few parts of the world.  And here in the US, people are still spewing vile hate over politics, trying to knock Romney down over his FEMA comments, waiting for Obama to say something else that can be exploited, reporting that US military drones are killing innocents.  People matter.  Human rights matter.  In so much of the “social media,” it seems that only volume matters, how loud a person can shout his/her opinion, how many other views someone can shout down, how many narrow narrow blinding eroding points of limited facts anyone can hang on to as the ship of state wrecks and the waters freeze around us all.

Small picture: I know so many wonderful people.  Big picture:  we are lost as a country, our leaders bought, timid and small minded men and women, leaving us with no real choices.

Things that need to be said calmly by more people and listened to by others:

Something is going on with the climate; we are fools if we ignore or deny it.

The adjective to be used instead of gay in gay rights or civil rights is human rights.  Denying a person access to a loved one in a hospital, someone they care about and have cared for, is a bullying exertion of power and NOTHING ELSE.  I am almost willing to listen to state rights marriage arguments but the hospital visitation issue for non traditional families is where I draw the line.  Agree that non traditional families should be treated differently and well, if you’re listing religious reasons, you’re not paying any attention to the core of most religions, the “Golden Rule“, an empathy with your fellow beings.

Vote.  100 years ago women couldn’t vote.  150 years ago, slaves couldn’t vote, 225 years ago, renters couldn’t vote.  People fought for that right.  Use your voice.

I think so many people aren’t paying any attention at all to so many important things.  And echoing empty poisons. See the title of this post.  That’s where I am.  And take care.  Every day you have.  Of everyone you have.

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