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November 9, 2012

Right now:

Rotation Curation (need a blog post on this one)

Not talking about politics.

Soon, it will be Joy tea season at Starbucks.

Australian W League Soccer

The current run of Captain Marvel comic books

Having acquired two Phonogram collected editions

Things flavored with curry

The Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

Sunny aftermornings

Tai chi

Jackie Chan movies

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies

The suit Cary Grant wears in North by Northwest

Watching Warehouse 13:  Season 3 on DVD

That Arthur Christmas is out on DVD, A Cat in Paris is on DVD + at Target and that Leaving Normal is also available from Amazon as a DVD.  (we won’t discuss my lack of funds as this is a things I like edition)

Argyle socks from Argoz

Wool socks from SmartWool

Catalogs from Musician’s Friend

Just Kids by Patti Smith

Nearly anything written by Calvin Trillin

Eden Eats on The Cooking Channel

Bitchin Kitchen on The Cooking Channel

Partners whenever they just let Michael Urie and Sophia Bush riff off each other

The second season of My Babysitter’s A Vampire (best smart but socially inept individuals portrayals on TV); let’s have a Season 3.



Anything on your list?


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