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November 30, 2012

A Cat In Paris, amazing French animated film.  Surprising, inventive and gorgeous in a not perfect way.  Worth a watch, especially if you like heist films or cats or animation.

Twitter’s ability to be a compass for music I want to listen to.  Currently segueing all over the YouTube from a The Temper Trap triggered start.  I wouldn’t mind a stocking full of CDs/iTunes cards for Christmas (or a Makerbot).

ParaNorman’s on DVD and Pitch Perfect is coming out in two and half weeks. They could easily be slipped into the stocking among the CDs (and A Cat in Paris DVD of mine own, since the library has only loaned me one.)  Don’t really want to wait that long for Pitch Perfect.  Every time I listen to the soundtrack, I want to just watch the movie instead.

You can vote for Joan Jett to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  So do it.  I’m voting for Jett and Donna Summer.

Not subscribing to a newspaper anymore, but picking up USA Today two or three times a week.  Their Friday football coverage helps me not lose every game in the family fantasy football league.  Then I switch up which Sunday/weekend paper I get.  Total cost less than a subscription to any single one.  Also get Bloomberg Business Week, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Inc. and Wired.  Wondering if I should add Sports Illustrated to that, but Twitter and blogs are giving me more access to soccer news than a weekly could.

But I would appreciate it if some of the soccer centric TV Networks would have more coverage of women’s leagues.

USA Today and Newark Mayor Cory Booker (among others) have started #waywire, a video based community.  Want to see what I’m #waywiring?

Movies I want to catch in the theatre:  Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Hitchcock, The Hobbit and maybe Playing For Keeps, if I need a goofy rom com afternoon.

Glad U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team is back to playing for at least a couple of weeks.  Very weird stop and start feel to “victory tour.”  Don’t really know that it was the best way to showcase players and the new league is not in place to exploit the television coverage for publicity.  It will be interesting to see what develops. Sounds like the new league’s structure is sound but it seems like the details will be rushed.  And I haven’t really gotten a feeling of enthusiasm from the players.

Still enjoying Australia’s W-League.  Twitter, #wleague, Friday nights here in the States, it’s the place to be.  Western Sydney Wanderers are in second place after a slow start.  Games have been very unpredictable.

And that’ll hold you for awhile.  The above plus the new and kick ass Holiday Bizarre comic…just in case your holiday season was a little too sane, here’s a touch of the lunatic.


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