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December 26, 2012

Howdy. It’s been a heck of and a hectic December. I hope if you celebrate Christmas, you enjoyed yours and if you don’t, some of the good will floating out in the universe brightened your winter a bit. And if you live in Australia or other currently summery climes, I hope you can catch a cool breeze when you need to.

Quick hits. This week I’m tweeting for a Rotation Curation account, @TWKLGBTQ. It’s strange being in someone else’s Twitter feed, but I’ve had some fun conversations so far.

Hitchcock: saw it, have decided to call the tendency of director’s to OVER rely on closeups the Mt. Rushmore effect. Excellent cast mostly wasted. Enjoyed seeing Toni Colette, Helen Mirren always a solid performer and Scarlett Johannsen is becoming an actress to watch for.

Still need to see Lincoln, The Hobbit and The Silver Linings Playbook. Debating Wreck It Ralph. Picked up the Pitch Perfect dvd but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Also grabbed Arthur Christmas on sale because we enjoyed it last year. Aardman’s best long effort in terms of plot and character I think. Want to get ParaNorman. Also want a 3D printer so I can get to stop motion experiments. Debating whether to see Wreck It Ralph. So far, I’m rooting for ParaNorman and Rise of The Guardians in the animated Oscar race. Guardians had beautiful visuals and a good story. ParaNorman was so well done and just the right level of scary fun for me.

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen received three Golden Globes nominations; it was one of my favorites from last year. Funny and thoughtful and charming and smart and something I’m going to pick up on dvd.

Anything else…hmmm…take care of yourselves. And thanks for stopping by.




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