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January 11, 2013

Howdy. A list to catch us up. End of December was hectic.

Rebooting my short film endeavors. More info to follow.

Gayle wants me to clean my office as her birthday present so top of to do list (it seems like this has happened before…hmmmm).

Bunheads is back; Sutton Foster continues charming; love the choreography.

First Tempest related meeting today. Dance + movement. A plan is developing. And we have a hashtag: #teamtempest. Join us.

National Women’s Soccer League Allocation occurs tomorrow. It will be interesting to see who goes where. Besides Megan Rapinoe playing in France for six months. Hoping the schedule works out so I can take my nieces + nephews to a game.

Kristyn Burtt has started Oscar Month plus some. Looking forward to following her Oscar adventures again.

Year of The Snake is coming up. February 10th. Need to start doing research.

And some art. I entered a Fictional Rock Band Tour wootshirt! derby.


Take care! Oh, My Oscar thoughts: Silver Linings Playbook was really good, except for the directing closeups — I’m calling it the Mt. Rushmore effect, stop it, Hollywood. Now! We don’t need to see that many nostrils that close. You’ve got the BIG screens; put more than 25% of one actor in a shot. Try two. Or three. It’d be daring. Cast nominations for all Playbookers well deserved. Snow White and The Huntsman visuals were stunning. I actually want to see Anna Karenina, which surprises me. And Alan Arkin wrote a book on improv which I enjoyed the practical parts of. And if you’ve got a vote, vote ParaNorman. Good stuff from Laika House. If you haven’t seen it, do. And good night.

  1. LOL…..I think that is a great birthday present! Thanks for the shout out! Let the games begin. 🙂

    • You’re welcome. I always enjoy your perspective. And I’m hoping the present doesn’t take ’til next year to finish ; )

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