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January 30, 2013

January turned out to be even more hectic than December, but part of that involved game playing with friends and little brothers on multiple occasions so that part good.

Saw Anna Karenina. Amazing. Perfectly done. Exactly the kind of movie that inspires me about movie making. Still think Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Silver Linings Playbook worth the Oscar — how often do you see someone out alpha wolf DeNiro? (Also Keira Knightley not nominated for her performance, central to the success of Karenina).

Still don’t like The Hobbit being broken into three movies. Joked that I’ll wait ’til they’re all done and watch ’em in order and the more I thought about it, the more the plan appealed. Just couldn’t psych myself up for Lincoln.

So here’s my Oscar/2012 movie quick list in the order I enjoyed them/how likely I am to buy the dvds (first two acquired): Avengers, Pitch Perfect, ParaNorman, Silver Linings Playbook, Anna Karenina, Argo. Have to add a shout out to Snow White and The Huntsman, nominated for visual effect, some of which were breathtaking. And Karenina should take the costumes Oscar, there were moments where costume and actor combined in a way to tell their story that just punched through everything.

Started Wednesday animation time. Set myself a new challenge in pursuit of putting together a festival worthy short. Read/see more about it here.

Have seen two Warm Bodies trailers, both were funny and smart so making plans to see a zombie movie. You can be surprised. I am a little.

Hmmmm…read Renegades Write The Rules by Amy Jo Martin for a straightforward, entertaining take on social media, business, sports and exposure. Her book reinforces the point that Twitter is about conversation and connection, not just raw numbers.

Found a mystery series I really enjoyed, set in India, written by Tarquin Hall. They start with The Case Of The Missing Servant and get more intricate and involving with each book.

Lacking new project vigor, but my acupuncturist points out that it is still winter, although today the weather managed a needed take a long walk in shorts window. Soon to start on my Year Of The Snake art. Thinking about entering my Cemetery Baby pastel in the annual Art Of The State competition. I love how the fog over the gravestones turned out.

Had a dance and movement Tempest meeting. Going to schedule a workshop at the end of March, if the theatre is available. Picked up fabric to hand over. Decided to focus on the storm at the beginning and seeing what we can do with that. Need to actually send Gayle a link with the Bill T. Jones performance date (brief pause).

Ok, good night folks. That should tide you over. And cheers.

Oh, comics: Marvel on the upswing: Captain Marvel and Young Avengers excellent; DC on the down swing, dropping Demon Knights, hoping Legion and Flash pick up the pace. Anybody interested in the Superman movie yet? Posters aren’t doing anything for me.

Warehouse 13 is due back in April, I believe, and SyFy is kicking off a robot combat league at the end of February. Bunheads is having a bit of mid season erraticism and I miss Bomb Girls, season two of which is currently broadcasting in Canada.

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