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February 15, 2013

Planning to get back into a blogging zone soon. It’s next on my to do list, which I’ve written one item at a time on Post It Notes so that once I’m done, I can dramatically tear, shred and move on. But finishing a new Blink Kitty Love was above ‘Write Blog Posts’ on the list. You can see the animation below. I really like Tammy’s new look and doing the lions for the Lion Dance segment was fun.

Quick notes: Wreck It Ralph was a dud and I think Pixar (CORRECTION: as the well informed on nearly all things Oscar and entertainment related Kristyn Burtt pointed out in the comments below, the blame for Wreck It Ralph’s lack of charm should rest with Disney) Too many animated movies/shows need to admit that children are not their target audience, which I may rant about at a later date at longer length. Paperman was awesome and inspiring, went to see Warm Bodies a second time and it continues funny smart and charming. Bunheads is back in the zone and I’m rooting for a Cozette-Mel Frankie-Ginny double date from heck. I think some groundwork is being laid: actresses’s body language, Benjamin Britten music choice, Annie Leibovitz name dropping…whatever happens, Bunheads can often be great fun. Only two more episodes though so announce a next season soon, please.

I think House of Anubis is benefitting from the cast shake up, although I was sorry to see the character of Amber being sent off to NY. But this way the bad guys might have a fighting chance.

Bomb Girls is coming back March 27th. Yes!!! Great cast, great storytelling, looking forward to a second season.

Have been following soccer news (and a few games on Twitter). The Seattle Reign preseason jaunt to Japan sounds like an excellent chance to see what the level of play is going to be like. I have to go over the schedules to see when the Reign and Boston Breakers will be playing in D.C. or N.J. that isn’t during The Tempest.

Speaking of The Tempest, we have a Tempest Storm Workshop set up for the end of March. This is the first time we’ve done anything like this and I’m curious about what interest it will attract and what’ll it turn out to be like.

Ok, oh, I’m in a Twitter webcomic gang (Buns and Weiners) and we just finished a jam comic. Check it out here.

And the new Blink Kitty Love. Enjoy! Happy Year of The Snake.

  1. Wreck-it Ralph isn’t Pixar. It’s from Walt Disney Animation Studios which is why I think it lacks the Pixar charm.

  2. You are correct, thanks for pointing that out. I owe Pixar an apology and a corrected blog post. So this time around I like the Pixar movie, Brave, which has one of the better animated heroines ever, better than the Disney movie, Wreck It Ralph. But I’m even more excited to see what Laika’s up to next.

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