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February 27, 2013

Bunheads delivered Episode 18 Monday. It was surprising, fun, funny, sharp, excellent and moving. Twitter also went a little crazy the Monday before when ABC Family had a #bunheadsmarathon. I sent out a Carl and Boo are darn cute (they are) tweet that got retweeted and/or favorited by five strangers. So announce Season 2 anytime, ABC Family. Like now. Don’t pull a Middleman.

SyFy’s Robot Combat League started tonight. Didn’t catch it on tv so watching first episode online. Now. It’s a new media universe.

Ok, I have watched the first episode. And cool. Although I have a low tolerance for the talky whiny staged stuff, which is why I watch no reality tv shows. But robots. Next week, I’m bringing popcorn. But don’t know how long my how much of this is staged tolerance will last. I was checking out the Robot Combat Twitter account, saw this photo and wondered how they randomly got a first fight with two robots so reminiscent of the Rock ’em Sock ’em robots game.

RCL Rigging

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