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March 18, 2013

I’ve been working animation and posting what I’m doing and what I’m thinking here at the Lonely Pond Tumblr. But the latest post might interest you so I’m crossposting:

Name your Battle Robot!  It’s more difficult than you think.  SyFy has a new show, Robot Combat League, which was actually more fascinating than I expected.  Which got me to thinking, I should do a comic where each member of the band aka Blink Kitty Love has a robot, as if they were competing.  So I thought of names:  

Steel Swan, because of the Bunheads ballerina influence and I thought a high kick pirouette would be a killer finishing move.

DragonShred or DragonPunk or ShredPunk, because shred is a good verb for skater Tinker and I like dragons.  

StormSurge, because when I drew the first one that’s sort of what it looked like because of the blue.

And I think there was another, which has crept away. 

So then I skipped an animation practice week, having wandered into a funk but forced myself back by trying to design a robot (see Storm Surge above) in ToonBoom’s Studio to see if I could manage to work its peg system to move an arm.  Nope.  And so I considered if a program that’s complicated is something I want to spend time on.  I really liked stop motion, I’d like to get back to it.  And I really like FlipBoom, I’d like to get back to it.  But will that turn out an animation of the caliber the more ambitious parts of my personality want?  And should I care?  See funk, mentioned at beginning of paragraph ; )

So I had taken the idea from “do a comic” to “animate some robot battles, it’ll be fun”.  And that helped kick the k out of funk, as did recommitting to part of my long term plan.  But now there reared up more robot design questions. 

Storm Surge didn’t make me happy as it reminded me of Hurricane Sandy.  So I thought, hmmm RipTide, let’s try that.  Wait, wouldn’t it be cool if the robot ripped its competition apart by reaching inside and applying force outward, how do I do that in a design?  Which led to design changes.  

DragonShred is hard to say, I wanted to keep the Shred and maybe attach the Dragon to Punk.  So Tinker’s robot became ShredStar and star shaped weapons entered the design.

I’m keeping Steel Swan, Tammy likes it, although I haven’t designed it yet.  And for the fourth, you’ll have to wait and for a hint it’s inspired by the band responsible for my new favorite album.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  I also sat at Barnes and Noble last Friday, looking through the art book for Rise of The Guardians — beautiful stuff — and thought about how often I rush things.  And how once upon a time I didn’t.  I remember writing a fantasy story in my early teens and making a family tree for all of the characters and their horses.  But then I think I got frustrated by the times I put in prep time and never completed the project.  So with Blink Kitty Love, I got into the habit of do it quick and get it done.  They have a raw charm and energy that I like and is appropriate for these characters.  There’s never really an ongoing story, the band is my way to comment on what’s attracting my attention RIGHT now — robot combat, if you missed it up there ; )

But I think now I need to give myself time and see what happens.  Stay tuned.


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