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April 2, 2013

Comcast had a #watchathon week so we decided to officially try out Elementary. And we kept watching. I’ve always been a Sherlock Holmes fan and I’ve always liked Lucy Liu, and this is an interesting mix of the two. Watson as a woman works, Aidan Quinn adds gravity as Gregson and the writing has a good amount of snap. I don’t understand why they landed Sherlock with an absentee dad when he had a perfectly good absentee brother to start with. Making me want to do something with The Hound of The Baskervilles.

In a thinking mood. Miss doing art twice a week. So sharpened some new pencils last night and sketched a robot in flowers. And woke up this morning with the phrase “Atomic SpaceBiscuit Soup” in my head, which could sound like a band. Cue doodle*. And now I’m feeling more like myself.

Tempest Storm Workshop coming up this week. Following through on a more team approach to The Tempest means I feel like I’ve been thinking about The Tempest for a year already but I’m excited to actually be at the point where we are going to put music and dancers and fabric and props and words together to see what happens.

Still listening to Halestorm. Hoping to see them in concert. Want to see The Sapphires but it’s only in limited release. Looks like great fun though. Bomb Girls is back with must watch storylines, Bitchin Kitchen is back to new episodes so that makes for fun Wednesdays.

Marvel is winning the who gets my comic dollars contest. Last visit to the comic shop: 6 Marvel, 2 DC, 1 Archie. New comic crush: Fearless Defenders. Captain Marvel continues ace and I will pick up other comic books where Captain Marvel makes appearances doing things like playing poker because the banter is just that witty. The FF is just wacky enough to keep me reading. Young Avengers has the peerless combo of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie knocking issues out of the park. Keith Giffen’s back on The Legion Of Superheroes, but it’s a kill zone and I fear the Legion team has forgotten how to tell a great, moving team story.

The Seattle Reign did well in Japan, the Boston Breakers will be live streaming games for $5 a pop, FIFA and Canada are planning the Women’s World Cup on artificial turf and there’s a bit of a kerfuffle about that. I think they should err on the side of safety and use grass.

I need a new hat. Snapbacks can go away and let something stylish in on their way out. There’s probably more to rant about but this is a fairly good summary and I do need to try sleep. Enjoy Spring, Go Mets and remember to eat your Atomic SpaceBiscuit Soup: It’s out THERE somewhere ; ).


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