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June 4, 2013


The Fosters: really sharp cast, two moms, wry humor, variety drama, warmth — liked it a lot.  Still want Bunheads to get another season to grow but I’ll be checking out The Fosters again.

Warehouse 13:  H.G. Wells on tonight, another good episode in a solid season.  Black and white noir episode from a couple of weeks ago is on my favorite episodes of anything list.

Bomb Girls:  so much happened in the two hours of the season finale.  It’s such a stand out show, damn shame the future only holds a two hour movie and not a couple more six episode arcs (THIS SHOULD CHANGE!).

NWSL:  Watching Boston Breakers games, would really  like to do it on my TV and not my computer; Seattle Reign games happen when I’m in my office anyway.  Solid play.

The new Star Trek movie:  loud, not well written, wasted cast, really taking women leagues and fathoms backwards from the classic Trek series.  But Cumberbatch is a force, he always does so well, his turn in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy a class in small moments.

Epic:  gorgeous, fun, nice voice work, lots of action, cute pug, little silly, saw it on my birthday, made for a nice afternoon : )

Finally acquired Season 1 and 2 of The Tick (animated).  Having a blast.


Imagine Dragons:  like ‘em.

The Dollyrots:  love their Stage It concerts, enjoying hearing about the making a new album process.

Lesley Roy:  nice raw sound.

The Band Perry:  love their music videos, always pushing an edge.


The Tempest.  Bought a copy of Living With Shakespeare, want to sort through it so I can use some of it in rehearsals for discussion + inspiration.

Philippe Petit has a book about knots.  As much about him, it sounds fascinating.

Comics:  Five Ghosts is a well drawn, pulp fiction adventure and my first read these days, after that the fun of Fearless Defenders, followed by the brilliant joy that is the Young Avengers.

Good night.

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