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1:50 AM

September 5, 2013

Playing Radio Ahmad Jamal on My favorite jazz performer thus far. His ‘Jeff‘ is an amazing joy.

No movies out this past week. Next one to see in the theatre…I’m not sure about that. The Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs sequel looks fun. I’m a sucker for monster food + obvious puns. Have to watch the first one sometime. I am looking forward to George Clooney’s non astronaut project, The Monuments Men, coming out later in the year, where our heroes try to rescue art from the Nazis.

Reading: Archie comics, newspapers, not so many magazines these days, although I did hit Barnes and Noble for a magazine meander a couple of weeks ago. Found a cool new soccer magazine called Howler. Liked the style and that they included the US Women’s National Team as well as the men’s.

Kickstarter seems to be an interesting place to wander around for inspiration. Discovered one raising money for a documentary on Alice Guy-Blaché, the first female director of movies. Looking forward to seeing how the movie develops.

You can still get in on the talented + inventive Jill Thompson’s quest to make a Scary Godmother doll. Any and all of the Scary Godmother books or comics are perfect mood: Autumn, October and/or Halloween reading so I am very glad that Thompson has the rights back and will be creating more of them.

Here’s today’s @blinkkittylove Wednesday art for you. I’m in a Joan Jett mood. Good night.


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