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October 15, 2013


Elementary > Sleepy Hollow > Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. although the third episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. did seem like they’d finally taken the training wheels off.  I don’t think Hart of Dixie fits in the above equation but we happened across the Season 3 premiere and enjoyed it.  They are having so much fun with those characters.

Colder weather is making me miss Bomb Girls. Too bad they couldn’t get it together for a third season. Haven’t heard about when the two hour wrap up movie is filming or airing.

Disney: Flash’s (our Disney loving fluffy orange cat TV critic for those new to the blog) new favorite show is Liv and Maddie, which has improved from its pilot. Not watching Wolfblood as it doesn’t coincide with my schedule and hasn’t seemed interesting enough to track down On Demand. Wander Over Yonder is wonderful visual fun but not impressed with the plotting/writing. Back on board the Phineas and Ferb train; enjoyed this year’s Halloweenish episode with multiple Scarlet Pimpernels (including Stacy, the under the radar cool character aka Candace’s best friend) at a masquerade party thrown by Vanessa.

Have been watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch on DVD, Flash’s other new favorite show — Teen Nick was playing it at 10 p.m. for awhile and it distracted her from grief, I think.  TeenNick was also playing Radio Free Roscoe on weekends for too brief a time and needs to start airing episodes again.  Sabrina is fun, although I am sensing that some of the Wizards of Waverly Place writers found episodes inspirational.

The Cooking Channel is developing too many hidden camera and/or competition shows.  More Tripping Out With Alie and Georgia please.  And another season of Bitchin Kitchen, although the first episode of their travel show erred on the side of not funny.  Eden Grinshpan of Eden Eats brings her curiousity and style to another show, debuting this week, Log On and Eat With Eden Grinshpan.

Pacific Rim is coming out on DVD tomorrow.  Really enjoyed it in the theatre (MONSTERS! ROBOTS! FUNFUNFUN!).  Halestorm has Re Ani Mate 2.0 out now, an ep of covers — Judas Priest, Pat Benatar, Daft Punk et al.  Need to pick up that and the first Re Ani Mate.  Lizzie Hale is one of the great rock and roll screamers, I think.  Her voice was having a raspy night when we saw her in concert but it’s amazing the power and control and punch she gets with her voice.  She’s up on my list with Robert Plant.  Seeing him in concert kicked off a Led Zeppelin-Honeydrippers fanatic listening phase one hot NJ summer

Right now, I’m mostly listening to The Dollyrots (join in the fun of making their latest album), mixed with a few songs off the Gloria Estefan Standards album.  I love her versions of “How Long Has This Been Going On,” “Call Me Irresponsible” and a few others, but the tempo on most of the songs seems too slow.  Haven’t really been listening to the new Joan Jett as I can’t get the mp3 version to burn to a cd I can play in the car : /

Working on costumes for Sleepy Hollow has been fun but time consuming.  Looking forward to getting my weekends back.  Arranged a Poe night that I couldn’t participate in but it went off well and I had fun revisiting the poems.   Ran into some friends while having tea out today who asked how it went.  That led to a discussion of finding my one act adaptation of Murders in The Rue Morgue and restaging it sometime/where.

Have been participating in #drawlloween on Twitter.  My inspirations vary widely — or perhaps not, based on these two fairly random choices.  Good night.  Thanks for stopping by.

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