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December 14, 2013

To catch up on my blogging.

Currently listening to a panel of the actors involved in Saving Mr. Banks recorded by my buddy @KristynBurtt because Saving Mr. Banks has been popping up on my radar all week with articles pointing out the Disney corporate whitewashing of the relationships in the movie and USA Today’s forthright ‘see it anyway’ review. On our to see list because Gayle seems to be enthused and well, Emma Thompson. American Hustle is also on our to see list because it looks like fun and Silver Linings Playbook was one of my favorite movies of 2012.

Movies we have seen:

Frozen: excellent. I plan to see it again. Ice amazingly well done, emotional arcs spot on plus fun and funny and charming. Demi Lovato’s version of ‘Let It Go’ worth listening to. This obviously follows the path Tangled started down and although I think the voice talent in Tangled was better, I was actually singing the songs from Frozen the next day. Almost redeemed the total musical fail that was The Princess and The Frog.

Black Nativity: speaking of music, oh my goodness, can people write more movies showcasing Jennifer Hudson. And write a movie where Angela Basset has some fun and kicks some ass. Watch Strange Days people, segue from there. But to get back on track: Black Nativity nicely broke out of the linear, grounded in reality movie trap and took some chances and weaved in poetry and music. Nice to see a movie that takes artistic chances. And I must read Langston Hughes.

Have I mentioned I recently discovered Pablo Neruda (speaking of poetry)? I keep this book next to the couch and flip through it often. “Your Laughter” is a good starter.

What else is happening? It’s cold outside and much snowier than last year. My four favorite soccer players (Sydney Leroux, Jessica Fishlock, Megan Rapinoe, Hope Solo) are now on the same team (go Seattle Reign!) but this may not last beyond populating the expansion Houston Dash. But it is a nice moment.

My essential Christmas movies: Desk Set, White Christmas, (Rosemary Clooney amazes), Bishop’s Wife (vintage), Christmas in Connecticut (vintage)…need to rip the wrap on Arthur Christmas.

Giving up on single artist Christmas albums, haven’t heard one in several years that I’ve liked. Tried Kelly Clarkson’s this year, rates okay, except ‘Silent Night’ with Reba and Trisha Yearwood which is beautiful.

Oh heck, I think it’s time to try sleep. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are are finding some warmth this holiday season. I have been doodling holiday themed robots for fun + exercise. Enjoy!



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