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January 5, 2014

Currently in a graphic novel mood. Read Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong — robotics team vs. cheerleaders with a different mix of high school characters, but not as different as The Plain Janes, which I picked up at the year end yellow dot sale at my comic shop and LOVED. Had them order me the sequel. Art as shout to the world, cool girl characters and intriguing hints of a gay angle. Then there was American Born Chinese, which is beautifully done and in part an excellent take on the legendary Monkey King.

Getting annoyed at the Wall Street Journal because of their pro let the NSA do what it likes stance, will probably take up a USA Today intro offer to get me daily sports coverage through the Olympics. Renewing Bloomberg Businessweek because: fun covers and insights on their behind the scenes creation and some interesting choices of subjects. Good overview.

Speaking of Olympics, Principle 6 is protesting Russia’s anti gay laws by promoting the non discrimination clause of the Olympic Charter. Sharp angle. Want a hoodie.

Australian soccer is in full swing so following along with the adventures of Jessica Fishlock, Melissa Barbieri and etc. on Twitter. Cardiff City landed new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and will I hope stop being such a classic case study in cultures clashing, assumptions and miscommunication. And hey, they came back to beat Newcastle United today.

Have been blasting The Dollyrots Christmas present to pledgers, an acoustic album called Love Songs, Werewolves and Zombies from their previous Kickstarter. It’s a hoot. I’ve been wandering around humming the very catchy “Emo Cthulhu” and “Punk Rock Werewolf” “Werewolf” may resonate a bit. I’ve also been finding them inspiring artistically. You can probably guess which song triggered which drawing when you run into my versions below. And you really should get in on the fun, support The Dollyrots with a pledge and find out all about EC, the Werewolf and Barry.

Starting my Year of The Horse research and working on costumes for Alice In Wonderland at DreamWrights. Have been thinking a lot about the arts that work for me: theatre, illustration, poetry, yes; long form fiction, not so well, but that’s all still steeping so a post for another day.

Hope 2014 started off well for you, thanks for stopping by and let me know what you’re reading/watching/humming. And go see the quietly daring, darn impressive The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Best movie I’ve seen in awhile and this has been a good season for movies. Enjoy. And good night all!


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