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October 29, 2014

Have been out filming fall foliage in the afternoons. Putting together a montage for a long form poetic meditation I wrote my senior year in college. Goes together with a group of poems under the title Muses and Moonlight Reflections. It’s the result of many late nights wandering the Lakefill at Northwestern. I’ve missed making short films. Have an idea for another one and a camera I’m having a blast with — it’s a Sony that does the same sort of thing that a GoPro does, but I love Sony’s Zeiss lenses.

Things I’m currently paying attention to (in 3 words):

Sleepy Hollow: Fun Scary History
Faking It: Always Pushing Edges
The Flash: Fun Sharp SFX
Lumberjanes: Smart Cute Summery
The Wicked and The Divine: Puzzles Art Gorgeous
Gravity Falls: It’s a Hoot!
New Halestorm album
The Kitchen: Great Host Chemistry
Andy Everson’s art

And Disney Infinity needs a how to book for its ToyBox. When did instructions stop being included with the game?

Good night all!

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