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January 12, 2015

Another Tumblr repost about what I’m currently thinking.


And now I return…because I’ve been finding myself on Tumblr more often.  Tonight, I’m scrolling #korrasami art (well done folks, thanks!) because well, Korra and Asami from Legend of Korra are occupying too much mindspace at the moment.  I watched Season 1 of Legend of Korra and was disappointed by both how weak an avatar Korra seemed in comparison to Aang and how the chemistry Korra and Asami had at the racetrack wasn’t going to go anywhere.  Tired of seeing that sort of thing and I’ve never been a believer in trying to force other people’s characters into stories that worked for me.

Fast forward to now, two and a half years since I last watched a Legend of Korra episode and the Asami and Korra chemistry has been given the room to explode.  Kudos to the creators.  I still don’t like how harshly Korra has been hammered over the years and the fact that Naga never seemed as integral a character as Appa.

I’ve been watching highlight reels, clips and episodes on Hulu Plus over the weekend.  And I do find myself liking the way Asami swaggers through Korra’s life with charm and confidence and continues to care fiercely with so much going on in the world of Republic City.  I’ll probably end up watching at least Season 3 and 4 to watch the story develop.  Because the growth of Korra and Asami is the sort of story that inspires me.  And those are too rare.

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