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January 22, 2015

Watched the third season of Legend of Korra.  Better than I expected.  Many of my quarrels with Korra from guessing at plots were erroneous and Korra and Asami walking into a spirt portal hand in hand resolved my ‘they have great chemistry, why do they have to want the not much personality stick of a guy?!?!?!?!?!?!’ rant after the girls in fast cars episode of Season 1.  Can’t convince Gayle to watch it and don’t know if I have the tolerance for Season 2, but Season 4 is on my to watch list.  And yes, I do have a weakness for smart women and fast cars, but oh well.  I blame Diana Rigg.

My youngest brother has finally got us to watch Korean dramas.  We finished Tomorrow’s Cantabile, a story of a group of students at a music college.  Beautiful music, glorious fall scenery — love when you see characters OUTSIDE.  Right now, we’re watching Detectives of Seonam Girls’ High School as we asked Beau to find something in the mystery category.  It’s weird, but kind of wonderful and sometimes wonderfully goofy.  Korean dramas have a great mix of comedy and drama, with high quality writing and performances.  Impressed.  Nice that they don’t linger and just tell a story well in a certain number of episodes.

Men in Blazers is a hoot. If you watch soccer at all, or these days Downton Abbey or pay attention to fashion, it’s a half hour fest of obnoxious laughter.

The Librarians is the perfect mix of action, myth, laughter and literature.  And their casting people are having so much fun.


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