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February 9, 2015

In The Bleak December has been up for a couple of months and I’m in the trying to find a larger audience phase of the small snowball stage of the eventual avalanche.  Had a couple of sites that didn’t bother to follow up on my requests to buy advertising, which is frustrating.  But I’ve created a Facebook Author page where I can talk about these sorts of issues.

I’m currently running a pre Valentine’s Day Kindle Promotion Deal.  The sooner you buy In The Bleak December, the cheaper it is.

My four Robots ❤ Shakespeare paintings are currently on display at the library downtown. I’m excited that they are being seen together.

Anne Of Green Gables teched this weekend so I’m not only wandering around in a dress onstage, I’ve been equipped with a crinoline, hat, purse, shawl and cape.  The crinoline is a terror.  It got fired in the second act, although I fear costumes will find a way to fix it.

Watching my way through Legend of Korra.  Much better than I remembered, although Mako is still hard to take, especially when the Season 1 Big Bad takes a pause to ooh and aah over his bending talent before taking it.  But then Korra unlocks a new ability and saves the day.  Korra seems to be mostly motivated by saving people.  Flash gets anxious when bad things happen to Korra (a lot) and Gayle won’t add it to her must watch TV list but I’m enjoying it.

Agent Carter is amazing.  And extremely stylish.  And The Flash is a master class in what superhero storytelling should be.

To segue into comics:  Lumberjanes continues fun, Thor is compelling, Captain Marvel flies high, Miss Marvel is marvelous and Copperhead is a granite chip off the Westerns I’ve always loved.

Haven’t been hitting the movies much with Anne Of Green Gables rehearsals crimping my Saturday movie date time.  There also hasn’t been anything I’ve really urgently wanted to see.

And that’s enough of a rant/run through to relax me.  Reading Terry Pratchett for fun, always enjoy his humor.  The Lunar New Year is approaching so time to start researching.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay warm,

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