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March 10, 2015


Have been reading comics like a fiend the early part of this week. Love Princeless, actually started with Comixology so I could read the third Pirate Princess issue. Always love swagger, confidence and a good shot with a bow and arrow. Actually have an archery medal somewhere (Robin Hood was a childhood hero). I was the only girl in the middle school gun and bow club. And they were nicer than the girl’s basketball team.

Still on a Korra kick, have to track down the art of the other two seasons (4 is coming out in September). Batwoman was a good read but just makes me annoyed once again that DC fired the creative team. I’ve always had a soft spot for Maggie Sawyer. Too bad DC decided she couldn’t marry a hero. Probably part of why I don’t get any DC books right now. Although The Flash is probably my favorite tv show right now: cheerful, great action, excellent villains, Iris West and it’s darn fun.

Batman 66 was a little disappointing, perhaps because I love the show so much and that tone is so hard to do. Rocket Girl is a cool time travel take; In Real Life is an interesting exploration of culture and communication and Macanudo is pure comic joy in its simplest most perfect form.

And that’s a quick what I’ve been reading look.

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