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March 12, 2015

Changed my acupuncture appointment so I could catch the USA vs. France in the Algarve Cup final and then they changed the time so I missed the 1st half. Yeah for the win, but I’m sorry to not be seeing Sydney Leroux or Megan Rapinoe on the field much. I am enjoying the flash of Christen Press though. Check out her goal.

Have, as I think I might have mentioned, been reading like a fiend. Two things: Princeless:The Pirate Princess is amazing, The Black Arrow, pirate of the title, is getting her own book and you should start reading now. Really.

The second: zinged through a book on my mini iPad Kindle app last night called The Quality Of Her Voice. Really fascinating — a lot of the notes struck through the book felt like moments I could have been very near. It amused me, possibly more than it should have, but in an I’m impressed and having fun way.

Still not cheerful about how the USWNT are playing, looking forward to the start of the Seattle Reign season, hoping Everton and Cardiff City don’t get caught up in relegation battles and apparently the Mets have a decent pitcher or two. Been reading the New York Times more frequently. Good sports writing and story choices. Love their “Not The Knicks” stories. Have a cost me $2 subscription to Sports Illustrated and it’s worth less than that. Skipped the swimsuit issue on the grounds that if that’s the only time Sports Illustrated showcases multiple women on its pages, I might get livid.

Medusa seems to be a theme in the universe. Elizabeth Watasin has a book by that title, I saw a Super Irritated spoof cover at the grocery today with a very unhappy looking Medusa (just looked for it and discovered it was the Snickers ad on the back cover of SI) and I ran across a cool modern take on Tumblr the other day. So be careful whose eye you catch out there.

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