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September 23, 2015

Joan Jett’s birthday was today, yesterday I guess, if you don’t wait like me until rolling out of bed to start a new day. So happy birthday to Ms. Jett. Thanks for inspiring me.

Currently, I am on a yuri manga bender, carefully avoiding the very NSFW ones as well as those with too much of the big eyes/short skirts leanings.

Top Five:


Fluttering Feelings

Their Story

A Kiss and A White Lily


Elizabeth Watasin has just released Monster Stalker, the first volume in her new series, The Darquepunk novels. 3.5 stars from me. Watasin has created an amazing, imaginative world full of bright, sexy people. But horrible things happen there. The protagonists are brave and determined enough to be bold in the darkness but whether or not you enjoy this book will depend partly on your tolerance for horrible things. They are not dwelt on, but they are there. Watasin handles violence swiftly, and without much glory or mess. The characters charm and intrigue, but some of the later interactions seem rushed. However, the opening is a well paced stroll through a new and interesting world, led by a tour guide with a sense of humor and mischief. You might get caught up.

Band Perry has a new song, Live Forever. I always like to see what they are doing with their videos. This one errs on the side of bright and energetic.

Comics: currently enjoying Jem And The Holograms, Princeless: Raven, The Pirate Princess (the name has confused my comic book guy on several occasions, too bad they didn’t just opt for Raven: The Black Arrow). The art team on Raven, ten bandits​ and unassuming pumpkin,​ reign as my current favorites; I had them do a commission for me (see below). I love the flow of their action scenes. That’s a big part of what I like about some of the mangas listed above, the moments of actions, although Fluttering Feelings is more full of the breathless pauses when you realize this moment feels different because of the person next to you — or across from you, but you might not be sure exactly why.

Hmmm…what else? Mulling sequel thoughts for my thriller, In The Bleak December. Reading manga has been an emotional education in how to get a relationship started. I’m hoping eventually my own version of that discovery will want to break out and I won’t be leaving Jane still standing in the doorway.

Working on costumes for Seussical. Horton and the Sour Kangaroo fell to me so I’m going for mad contrast. Continuing Robot and Turtle and Surfing Lightning adventures. Enjoying monarch butterflies dashing about where I go for walks. Love flashes of orange in the wild.

Didn’t get to spx but might get down to the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend. I enjoyed wandering the Artist Alley there last year.

And that should tide you over for awhile. Enjoy your September. Relax a little.


Raven by unassuming pumpkin and ten bandits​ (writer and creator princelesscomic‘s Jeremy Whitely is also to be lauded for pretty amazing stories and characters, but I’m in an art mood currently.)

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