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DECEMBER (sans ranting) #maybe

December 21, 2015

Howdy.  How is your Christmas season going?  Was Hanukkah enjoyable?  Are you prepared for the Solstice?

Weather is finally December-like and I have finally acquired gloves.  Have worn out a pair of mostly green ragg wool glittens the past three winters so replaced them with something I can drive in.

Just finished a test run  of Henry V, a table read that only took 2 hrs and 32 minutes and had everyone commenting on how funny it was.  So now pondering how to work it effectively into the Theatre Under The Trees future schedule.  This summer, we are doing As You Like It and as it has been so long since I’ve directed it, it practically counts as new.

A little more than a year ago, I put In The Bleak December up on Amazon. This year, I attempted to spin it out to more outlets via Draft2Digital, but ran into formatting problems once again so I have decided to just return it to being exclusive to Amazon so people can borrow it through Kindle Unlimited.  I also revamped the blurb and found new cover art.


New blurb:  “Soon, she would be his again.  He had been a fool to let her go the first time. It had been so perfect, so right.  Her laugh, her smile, her light had shone briefly into the dark tunnel of his madness, for he knew it was madness now, madness to be without her, to deny and bury the feelings that she stirred in him, the fine, glorious feelings that vibrated through him like music reaching down from celestial organs to play for his ears only.” 

Christmas 1888: Mary Merriton is unsettled, ill at ease. Unaware that she has attracted the interest of a madman, she tries to survive a difficult holiday season. Her father has fallen ill, her fiancé, John Drew, is absent. When her beloved cousin, Doctor Jane Holloway, has difficulty returning to Baltimore from the western frontier she exiled herself to, Mary reaches out to one of her best friends, Sally Van der Veer, a bright, talented musician and Bryn Mawr Classics scholar. Sally rushes to Mary’s side, acting with bold confidence, only to be confronted by a hardened and wary Jane once the doctor arrives. Mary grows increasingly fearful of an unseen presence, whose intentions are revealed as the crisis moves closer to climax. Does Mary’s former fiancé Nickie Anstruther intend her harm? Can Jane unbend enough for friendship and collaboration with Sally? Will Sally discover she wants more?

I have had a couple of false starts at the sequel, but I have yet to find something to replace the Poe element, which is what brought everything together for me when I was writing In The Bleak December.  But the advantage to having attempted is that I have a much better vision for Sally and Jane’s future collaboration.

An author I rediscovered this year is Elizabeth Watasin, who wrote one of my favorite comic series and has turned to writing novels and short stories, some of the steam punk variety, some of a darque cyber punk science fiction future and some a continuation of her Charm School comic series.  One of Watasin’s short stories, The Girl Who Set Forth to Learn Fear, a Faerie Tale For Sapphic Girls, triggered a whole chain of thinking and I pulled a fun Christmas noir spoof I wrote on Twitter out of the archives. A very sexy Mrs. Claus targets the hapless narrator for a nudge to the Naughty List.

I had a lot of fun editing Which List For The Mrs?  Short stories always worked better for me both as a writer and a reader.  I also had fun sorting stock photos to try to figure out a cover, a process which convinced me I need a better graphics program before attempting to put together a collection of haikus. Which reminds me, I owe you haikus.  I’ll talk to Santa.  Probably best to avoid the Mrs.


What else:

Dropped our sports channels so suffering soccer withdrawal. Last chance to get in on The Dollyrots new album: The Dollyrots: Live In The USA.  They also recorded a 3 song EP of NEW songs that will drop in digital stockings Christmas morning so that’s exciting.  There is also a cassette.  When I drive the touring van in the summer, the only cassettes I have I made for Gayle and my buddy Byrd in college.  So newer music will be nice. Haven’t see Star Wars:  The Force Awakens yet, although I am looking forward to it.

Pandora has switched to jazz and I’m yawning so I hope this is enough to tide you through the night before the shortest night of the year.  Take care and thanks for stopping by.

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