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May 12, 2016

It’s May, the chilly month of May.  My rosebush is about to pop, the rest of the backyard is overgrown as chilly and damp weather revisits often enough to spur rampant growth.

Prince died last month.  It was one of those surprising emotional wounds, finding a gap to score a direct hit on both my memories and my aspirations.  So I’ve been floating thoughts through deeper pools and rotating between the two Prince cds I own, The Hits album.  Turns out ‘Delirious’ is my favorite song  — not a terrible surprise, although ‘I Would Die 4 U,’ ‘Cream’, ‘Sexy M.F’. and ‘Diamonds and Pearls ‘ make a good rest of the top 5 list.  The three songs that really bring that period back for me all have 4 in the title:  ‘Crazy For You’, ‘I Would Die 4 U’ and I’ll ‘Tumble 4 Ya:’ the 3 stages of love.   Just bought one of the cheapest Prince cds on Amazon, the one with the highest density of song titles I like.  Intrigued by ‘Lady Cab Driver ‘ and ‘Something in the Water (Does Not Compute).’  Added bonus, it’s the album ‘Delirious’ is on.  Win Win.

Preparations for As You Like It (#AYLI), this year’s Theatre Under The Trees show have accelerated.  I have signed my annual contract, there is an assistant director listening to an audio version of As You Like It as she drives around, the meeting with the costumer has happened and Gayle is pondering how to put a Prince spin on the lyrics William Shakespeare has once again packed the play with.

We were already planning to use a more modern take on music and costumes than usual.  Rebecca, my costume guru and friend, wanted something post 60’s — she’s tired of the 50’s and 60’s, last summer’s production of Grease put her over her limit, I believe.  I had been trying to convince Gayle that ska punk would be fun — there is a song containing the phrase ‘the lusty horn’ and I know a trumpet player who probably knows a trombone.  But since Prince died,  we’d switched out the usual The Dollyrots cds for Prince and I didn’t think I was going to get the sounds of his excellence out of my system for awhile yet so I asked Gayle if she thought it might work to add a purple tint to the show.  She’d been wondering the same thing.  And thus are plans altered and inspiration taken from events.

I was concerned about Captain America:  Civil War as superhero movies and Netflix superheroes have gone down dark dank alleys and seemingly thrived there.  But Civil War even managed to remember Sharon Carter is an important character in the world of Cap, although I would have liked to see a story where she was one of the pillars.  How about throwing your schedule out, Marvel-Disney, and bringing us Cap’s ‘Man Without A Country’ storyline or a Rogers Carter Wilson Barnes road trip movie.  I though Falcon was the better quipper, Spiderman and Iron Man both went on a little long.  Snappy patter should snap not dawdle.

Keanu was cute and funny, pretty amazing in a movie about drug dealers shooting each other.  And KITTEN!

I always thought Sailor Moon was the Hello Kitty of the anime world, cute and fluffy and useless.  Until I started watching it in search of actual gay characters in anime — Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, if you’ve missed everything about the show, like me.  But Sailor Moon is frikkin’ dark. So dark.  They argue over whether or not to kill a 10 year old (?) to save the world.  I have mad respect for any show, let alone one targeted at younger audiences, that takes time for ethical debates.  Sailor Moon the character is brave, scared, silly and always refuses to give up on her convictions and her friends.  Very cool. The pacing of the original anime is too often slow and so repetitive.  The current reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal,  is achieving in its’ Season 3 redirection (new character designs, new director, etc.) a masterclass in suspense and pacing.  The end of each episode taunts you with the immediate urge to see what’s coming next.  Impressive.

And now a collection of recent art, haikuing and cartooning.  My Etsy store is up, you can get Robot and Turtle on a t-shirt and my novel and short stories still entertain.  I’ve been painting Shakespeare graffiti canvases again and they have been accepted for the next First Friday at the Martin Library.

And now it’s past 3 am and I’ve typed myself into sleepiness so thanks for stopping by and take care.  And buy some art, darn it; it will hearten me.









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