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June 9, 2016

Reposted from my Tumblr:

Howdy. I have already found a song titled “Restless & Reckless” so that’s a haiku that’s not being written tonight (and I once wrote a poem titled “Naked, with scissors, curling” that captures that mood, so I might as well rant.

Hmmm…topic Had the read-through for As You Like It this evening. Busy week of Shakespeare, which means I can’t think about writing and have to sneak in cartooning. But the thing I was thinking about writing is problematic anyway so maybe a good rant will clear it out of the space it’s currently screaming around in,
I think manga and anime may have ruined me for the writing of novels. Since I started reading mostly yuri manga last summer, my brain has been connecting things in new ways.
1. I discovered girls have feelings. I don’t just have feelings; the other party in a relationship does too. Simplified version, yes, but I feel a little sorry for anyone with a crush on younger me who thought they were being completely ignored. Because they were. It worked out. If I’d discovered I liked girls or starting reading yuri manga in high school, I’m not sure how that would have worked out. The SAT scores probably would have been ok, that’s a one off test. Of course, I did read Camelot 3000 when it came out and pretty completely missed the duh moment when Tristan and Isolde meet the trail of roses. Obliviousness, thy name is my youth. More people should try it. It’s charms are underrated. And it’s wonderful sometimes when the right person blasts through everything with a ‘notice ME.’
2. I’ve always loved comics, but they were superhero comics so mostly FIGHTING, And saving the world. And since I read the Legion of Superheroes, some dating. And I liked the dating stuff. I would have never said that to you at the time, but I had my favorite Legion couples all picked out and the issues with interactions were my favorite issues.
But manga, at least what I’ve been reading, is less save the world and more get to that first date. There are some categories I will not read and some I would rather not know existed, but there are some great love stories contained within some that clarified how both parties in a romance could think entirely different things, all feelings could be valid and there were inner lives that I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT. Because nobody had matched words and pictures for me before.
Well, movies had, and Fred Astaire musicals. Gesture mattered. Movement unlocks levels and labyrinths of meaning. Duh. Something I have always known and yet just now realized.
Which means that manga and anime has not ruined me for theatre. It has focused my appreciation of small moments, hands reaching, glances, physically expressing words, bringing them into being, creating atmosphere with how an actor moves in and through space. It’s exciting to think of possibilities.
It’s been troublesome to wonder what this is going to do to long form storytelling for me. I am considering both returning to pastel animations in the Fall or giving something comic-like a decent effort. I’ve been using too much spectrum letting myself worry and yet not write. Writing is still a vital tool in my arsenal of expression, but what future paths it may follow is a contemplation for an afternoon cloud watching not a 3 a.m. rant.
Off the top of my head manga list: Notes From The Garden Of Lilies, Candy, Collectors, Their Story, Fluttering Feelings (sadly on hiatus), Lily Love, Karuha’s makiXnico stories, Girlfriends. And many of Takemiya Jin’s works. Oh and Nozaki-kun. Nozaki-kun is a hoot both in it’s manga and anime form.
Ah, exhaustion. Plan worked. Good night. Dream well.


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