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August 23, 2016

It’s been a long summer full of late nights.  To be completely up to date, catch up with me on Twitter. It gets exciting sometimes ; )

Have been experimenting with poetry forms other than the haiku while continuing to haiku.  Robot and Turtle continue their adventures. As You Like It was a success, although the weather cut down on the number of shows we managed to do. But I once again fell in love with the thought of wandering through Arden and recreating myself, so that was a plus.

Still watching Love Live as it cheers up Flash, who we hope is in a recovery phase from a bad patch. Good leadership lessons and I’m always interested in the backstage dynamics of performers. Plus, Nico x Maki really does have irresistible chemistry.

Want to catch Kubo at the movies but Gayle’s schedule has changed so everything’s a little off. Weather almost leans cool some nights.

Haven’t been reading much that isn’t fan fiction although I did hit the library. Found a book of award winning short short plays from 2014-2015 (I believe). Made me appreciate Shakespeare’s gift for setting a scene, internally or externally, and left me with the urge to read something written by Fannie Flagg, who has a flair for detail and conversation.

And that should tide you over for tonight. Enjoy your Tuesday.





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