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October 25, 2016

New NicoMaki story up. Listening to the playlist I posted earlier this month while I consider the playlist for the next. Playlists are a huge part of my creative process. This summer, in between As You Like it rehearsals, I drove around blasting Prince, when I did LONELY POND MONSTER(looking for love), I looped 3 songs. I still have a list somewhere on my desk of songs I want to write something to. Last playlist I made was to help me understand Nico and Maki (watch Love Live, people) and for something to loop when I wasn’t just playing songs from the anime (love Snow Halation, people.) My next playlist is to help me crack the Rin and Hanayo dynamic.

Trying to update my Etsy store, but have yet to find the optimal lighting for metallic pencils on black tiles. Think I need a mini lighting rig to put in the utility kit that carries my portable office. Also updating my Threadless store, but need to design a fall Robot and Turtle design digitally. I don’t think scanning in pencils will make for an optimal (word of the night) experience.

Having an optimal(yes, stopping now) October experience? Today was hoodie weather, so long walk followed by hot drink, followed by trying to draw candy corn on white paper (fail) so I switched to the lightpen in Procreate. I love the lightpen, lightbrush and etc. in Procreate. Neon graffiti is so much fun.

Saw Shin Godzilla. The monster was gorgeous, the action scenes lit up the screen, literally and the pacing was so tight, especially considering so much time was spent in government meetings.

Have acquired Ghostbusters on BluRay. Looking forward to watching the extended footage, the behind the scenes stuff and the gag reels.

Politics is in a dark place, but vote anyway.


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