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4 A.M.

April 10, 2017

This sort of thing used to be titled 2 a.m., didn’t it?  Ah well, it’s 4:23 and here we are. Have a haiku, freshly minted on the anvil of thinking instead of sleep:

Nearly 4 a.m. Haiku

In another part

Of the room, Sleep rests, As I

Should, with you, dreaming

My foray into writing fan fiction also continues — and gets goofier. I am working through a sequel to one of my stories and writing some fluffy ficlets on the side. Working knowledge of Love Live School Idol Project helps. Find ’em here.

Taming of the Shrew is up again this summer. I was looking for a simple set and you can do Shrew out of a steamer trunk. Then last November happened and what little veneer was left covering the national tilt toward misogyny has been stripped off so while Shrew may be timely, it’s for all too many reasons. So I’m leaning toward cutting the speech and amping up the farce. We’re setting it Bogart-Bacall-Sinatra Rat Pack style and going from there, with Pat Suzuki and Cole Porter in the mix. Hashtag: #shrewpack

Power Rangers was fun, team Pink Ranger for me, although Team Yellow also works. Your Name was gorgeous and twisty, teary good. Funimation should bring more movies to the US.

Started reading Connie Willis’s CrossTalk, but the protagonist’s bad boyfriend as written is more of an obstacle than a person so that was off putting — and surprising, as Willis’s Bellwether is pretty much my favorite book. For comics, I’ve been getting the Giant Days collected trades and they are a hoot. Great cast, great fun, brings back college vividly.

What else is new? Listen to Pat Suzuki, Al Hirt, Jr., read something fun, register to vote because someone has to save democracy and it’s us. And if you see a Nazi and decide to punch and/or glitterbomb them, stay safe, pay attention to your center of gravity and punch through your target.

Good night.


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