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An Interview with Theatre Under the Trees Director, Michelle Denise Norton

An Interview with Theatre Under the Trees Director, Michelle Denise Norton.


To quote my Facebook Author’s Page:

I zinged through a couple of In The Bleak December sequel starts awhile ago and showed them to my wife aka Gayle. She was horrified at how fast I was taking things. I blame Western month at the Goodreads Lesbian Book Club .

So I went back to steeping and searching for an inspiration to replace the Poe part of the book writing mix. And then I started directing Twelfth Night and theatre related hecticness happened. And Korean drama suggested by the little brother aka Beau distractions* happened. And the Pirate Princess aka Raven The Black Arrow comic books happened. And the Women’s World Cup happened. Which got me thinking about teenage me. Which let to me reading yuri manga and mulling the period before you actually manage to kiss someone you like. It’s a little bit terrifying.

And all of that has currently turned into launching an unexpected comic called Surfing Lightning. Here’s the start. Enjoy.

*List of Korean dramas so far, in order of enjoyment:  The Greatest Love, Detectives of Seonam Girls High School, Tomorrow’s Cantabile, Protect The Boss…next up:  My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox


Yes, I did grump about the coaching, but I am very happy for the players. Although I do feel for the Japanese goalie. Bad location and time of day to lose a coin flip and get the sun in your eyes. Congratulations to the USWNT on their World Cup victory!



The First:

Embracing weather

Rumbled threats, grey sharp greens rise

Storm rush calls, shatters.

The Second:

Storm Rush fills, Darks bright

All waiting, breathless, dreaming

Storm Queen, Lightning cries


Quieter gift falls

Hope surges cool, laughter drips.

Rain. Poet. Dancing


DSCF4694DSCF4681DSCF4704Thistles are gorgeous.  See rest of photos Hawk Lake Photo Set


This article has Interesting summary of Women’s World Cup Day 3 results, with an emphasis on the African teams perhaps being underrated.  Want to see Cameroon play.  USA vs. Australia was a bit frustrating, although it’s always very nice to see Megan Rapinoe and Hope Solo so on their game.  But Australia might have won with a lesser keeper in the net.  Frustrated that Ellis won’t just play Sydney Leroux and Christen Press together as a team of forwards.  Would like to see Australia safely out of the group stage as well as the US.  Still think the home USA uniforms lacks that “we can actually see they used our national colors” flair.

Ah well, coaching from the couch is never productive.  Nice to have so many games available on Fox Sports.  And when can I reserve my copy of FIFA 16 from EA Sports?

Twelfth Night has kicked off as well so rehearsals are warring with watching soccer games (and drawing).

In book news, I’m taking In The Bleak December out of the Kindle Select program as of 6/11 and spinning it off to other outlets so if you want to borrow it for free, these are the last couple days that will be possible.

Take care!  Who are you rooting for?


mood: fuchsia 






Apologies for neglect so I raided my mini iPad ; )


Have been rambling around in the slightly warmer weather waiting for flowers to pop and becoming mildly obsessed with labyrinths and mazes.  And haikuing.

Why The Minotaur of Distraction Often Wins

Many paths roll out
Tantalizing colors sweep
Thoughts away from this

Nearly Spring

Lingering through pine
All sharp: Green Chill Sun Shadows
Orioles’ calls fly

Storm Suite Haiku